Making Mornings Special with NEW NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast

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Breakfast sets the tone for the day, and since my little man is now going to real school afterward, I like to make it extra special. We've kept out out first-day-of-school ballon garland, and I'm pairing our waffles, toast, bacon, eggs and fruit with NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast

Taco Tuesday | Ice Cream Tacos

Tuesdays are for tacos, and you haven't lived until you've had one made of... ice cream 💃

PCK Starts Kindergarten!

I blinked, and my little newborn started kindergarten. The days are long, but the years are short, y'all. Parker got a special delivery on Kindergarten Eve just as we were getting ready for bed. It made him even more excited for the next day!

Miscellany Monday | End of Summer Edition

Today is the last day of summer break, and as of tomorrow, I will officially be a kindergarten mom! If you missed my blog entry on back-to-school lunches with Pepperidge Farm, click HERE! How perfect are those little slider buns? I had some questions on the lunch box I used in the post - Parker has one of the classic Pottery Barn Kids square lunch boxes, and I use the Bento Box from PB Kids inside it (I love how it divides everything up and makes packing all the snacks and sides super easy). 

Super Easy 2 Ingredient Popsicles

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Parker Takes Dallas

We spent a week in Max's home state of Texas, and our little guy had a blast, loving every minute (if you couldn't tell by the cheesy picture above!). Travel-wise, it's pretty easy for us to get there. It's a direct flight from Huntsville, clocking in at just under two hours.

A Birthday and a Cake (Vol. 4)

It's become a tradition to celebrate Max's birthday with a different homemade cake each year (see cakes from years past HERE, HERE, and HERE). This year, I went for a light, fluffy, orange angel cake (the perfect way to follow up our ginormous birthday dinner at Texas de Brazil!).

California Dreaming

I usually let so much travel go by without a blog mention, because by the time we're home and catching up on life, something else comes along and I just never get back to it. Case in point: our honeymoon to Bora Bora where I only wrote about the first couple days. Oops. Not to mention the fact that we just returned from Dallas, and I of course want to share all about that trip. But first, the rest of our May California adventure (read about our first day in San Francisco HERE). Ready for some time travel? Back to May!

My A+ Plan for Back-to-School Lunches

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Back-to-School time is almost here! For us, it's the beginning of kindergarten... and it's happening in just a couple weeks. We have shopped for our supply list, know what to do for car line pick-up, and my mind has wandered now to school lunches!

Book Review | July Edition

I'm back with my four most recent reads! 

Life Lately | Summer Edition

We tried a little something new this summer, and had Make It Mondays, Take A Trip Tuesdays, Water Fun Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, and Foodie Fridays 😊 Even if it was something super simple and quick like making slime on a Monday or picking flowers to gift on a Thursday, Parker had a ball looking forward to each thing. 

Garden Update | July

Summer gardens are one of my favorite things ever. I love being able to pop out and grab a handful of basil or parsley - and having a little helper with me is just the best. 

Fresh Caprese Chicken Burgers

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With the heirloom tomatoes and abundant basil of summer, StellaⓇ Fresh Mozzarella is the perfect way to round out a caprese anything... in this case, caprese on top of a spinach and chicken burger! 

Summer Reads

Grab a coffee and get ready to jot down four books you need for your summer!

Summer in the South

This is our fourth summer in Alabama. I can't even wrap my mind around that fact! Granted, I spent twenty-six summers in California followed by six in Arizona, so Alabama is still low on the totem pole for seniority. I suppose it's reversed for Parker, who spent his first two summers in AZ and has now spent the majority of his life in The South.

5 Healthy Habits to Practice With Your Family

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Raising a health-conscious little guy is always at the forefront of my parenting mind. I know that the habits we create with our child will carry him through to adulthood. At the same time, my husband and I want to be here and healthy to see him through adulthood - to us, this means moving our bodies, and fueling them with good things. Here are my top five ways to practice healthy habits with your family (because everything is more fun when you're doing it with someone else, right?).


Today was Parker's final day of preschool - ever! I just cannot believe that, come August, we will have a kindergartener on our hands! His class celebrated today with a morning of swimsuits and water fun. And now, we are officially in summer mode. 

Life Lately - May Edition

May - the month where everything wraps up! Earlier this month, it was the Museum Guild's end-of-the-year fundraiser. This year's theme: Foothills to Fine Art (boots encouraged) so Max and I both donned them for the occasion! We realized it had been way too long since we had been on a date night (Parker reminded us our last one was in December!).

Airplane Reading

I love a good book on a plane. Add in a cheese plate and I'm set for the rest of the flight 😉 Here's what I brought on our recent travel to and from California...

The Infertility Diaries

A couple weeks ago, I met a friend for coffee to go over my experience with the infertility drug Clomid. She was just about to start her first round, so I shared that all my rounds have been very different, but with each round she should be prepared to experience:

A Day in the Life - Preschool Edition

Out of all the topics I've written about over the years, our "Day in the Life" posts are my very favorite to look back on. They seem so normal and trivial when penning them - but years later, it's those tiny little details that you forget. There's a quote: How we spend our days is how we spend our lives, and having documentation of this is just priceless (if you don't have a blog, I totally recommend just documenting a random day for yourself or your kids).

California Here We Come, Right Back Where We Started From

The first week of May, Parker and I tagged along on Max's business trip to California. I'm not exaggerating when I say Max was on travel for all of April (poor guy doesn't even know what month it is right now), so we figured this was the only way to see him (#kiddingnotkidding).

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, y'all! We are back from a vacay to my home state of California last week. More to come on that in the following days (#spoileralert - I visited friends and family and ate my own weight in crab). Until then, here are some Friday Faves...

Classic Strawberry Shortcake

Freshly picked spring strawberries are heaven on earth! I feel we need just one more trip to the strawberry patch this season before it's over, because, seriously. Those strawberries. And, I'll be definitely making this recipe again...

4 Ways to Support Your Child Academically (from an M.Ed.)

I hesitate to say that I'm an expert at anything. I do, however, hold an M.Ed. And so (at least according to The University of California at Santa Barbara), I have "mastered" the topic of education. Education has always been something I loved, and even though I'm not in the classroom anymore (Parker likes to say I'm "retired"), I still put my degree to use every day raising him. Here are four ways I try to support future academic success...

Hello, Friday!

I can count on one hand the number of days Max has been home (and not away on business) this month. Thank goodness for FaceTime!

Double Decker Veggie Sandwiches with Pepperidge Farm

I've always loved a good veggie sandwich, and after nine years as a vegetarian, I got pretty good at making them. And, while I'm no longer a vegetarian, I still find myself choosing meatless options from time to time since they are usually lighter, but can be so tasty too! Enter the double decker veggie sandwich with Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse® Hearty White Bread

Friday Five

First, thank y'all so much for the many responses to my post on infertility earlier this week. This comment especially touched upon my whole reason for doing the post:

6 Things to Do After a Negative Pregnancy Test

There's an episode of Sex and the City where Miranda is diagnosed with a lazy ovary. Seemingly very offended, she protests that her ovaries went to an Ivy League schoolI'm a biological underachiever, and it's ironic because that ovary went to Harvard. Seeing the show as a young twenty-something, this didn't make any sense to me, but now that I've (twice) gone through my own fertility issues, I completely understand.

Recent Reads

I've been a diligent library goer for the past few years, ever since I discovered online holds. Last month, however, I found myself actually purchasing not just one but three different books. The Immoralists was on a whim after I read about it in O magazine (or maybe it was Real Simple?). Pretty Mess I figured my library would never offer, so I pre-ordered that one via Amazon. And, I had been waiting for my library hold to come up for The Wife Between Us for months, finally lost my patience and picked it up on a Costco run, then was promptly offered the book by the library the very next day, go figure.

Life Lately

Happy Spring! Spring weather in The South is nothing short of ridiculous. It was literally 83 degrees yesterday, followed by severe thunderstorms (plus fallen trees and power outages) in the middle of the night, then we woke up this morning to 40 degrees and a freeze warning. Go figure.

PCK 5-Year Interview

What is your name?
Parker but I want to be called hockey player.

What is your age?

Happy 5th Birthday, PCK!

Our little guy is five years old! I've been a Mama for half a decade - I really cannot wrap my head around that fact! While last year was all about construction and the color orange, Parker's favorites this year include hockey and the color red. He wanted his birthday celebration to be at a Huntsville Havoc hockey game, so we let Parker choose two buddies (and their families) and we celebrated the Friday night before his actual birthday in one of the ice suites.

Why I Didn't Use a Free Disney Planner for Our WDW Vacay

Being a California Girl, I grew up going to Disneyland, and I have such awesome memories of it. Now that we're official Southerners, Disney World is much closer. But y'all. Disney World is in its own league of ridiculousness. I feel like you can do Disneyland on the fly - no advanced warning or planning needed. Disney Word is like one of those elementary schools you sign up for when your baby is still in the womb. I'm not lying when I say you book breakfast reservations six months in advance. Part of the scenario lies in the fact that you'll probably be staying on property, but also that Disney World is just so darn big (the size of San Francisco if you're California literate like me 😉). It's always been very intimidating, but when we decided it was time to introduce our little guy (he was four years old at the time) to the Wonderful World of Disney, I decided to slowly start researching. I'm warning you - it will become an obsession. Everything you need to know can be found online (bless the internet). There are two big timelines of which you need to be aware:

WDW Day Four | Chef Mickey's & Goodbye

Day four was our travel day back home from Disney World. Ever the cheap frugal travelers, we opted not to get park tickets for this day since we'd only get a few hours in before we had to leave (and I prefer to get my money's worth, especially when park tickets for the three of us totaled over $300 for each day). Instead, we booked brunch at Chef Mickey's for our last morning - this gave us the opportunity to see all the characters one more time without actually having to purchase park tickets. It worked out perfectly for us, and I would highly recommend doing this if you're headed out mid-day like we were.

Friday Faves

Happy March! We've been getting in the Easter spirit with all things bunny - including our pancakes! These were a hit - and super easy to make!

Mint Chocolate Treasures

Happy March! I'm not sure about your neck of the woods, but here in Alabama, everything is starting to bloom. As my little guy points out every time we see a bud, "It's a sign that spring is near!" This was no-doubt learned in pre-school, but he's so right - spring is just around the corner! And now that we're in a climate that gives us freezing temperatures and even snow, I appreciate spring so much more.

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday! We've had such a mix of weather over here lately - rainy one day, sunny the next, so we've been jumping at the chance every warm day to enjoy the moment and get outside.

WDW Day Three | Epcot

Our third straight Walt Disney World park day was our Epcot day. After hitting The Magic Kingdom hard for two days in a row, Epcot was a nice change of pace. Because we planned to get the most out of each day, we opted not to do a park hopper, and just did two dedicated days to The Magic Kingdom and one to Epcot. Had we stayed longer, I would have loved to have added Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom - but for us, The Magic Kingdom and Epcot (and a four night stay) was perfect (there's always next time!).

I had read to allow 40 minutes to travel from The Contemporary Hotel to Epcot via the Monorail (there is a train change involved). Even first thing in the morning, I'd say this was pretty accurate (figure in security checks, waiting for trains, standing in line to enter the park). We left our room around 8AM, and were under the geodesic dome waiting for rope drop by 8:50AM. 

The Veggie | Vegan Delivery Review

There are tons of benefits to plant based eating. All the recent studies seem to be pointing to the same conclusion - healthy eating is being redefined as more plants, less animal products. Belgium recently released an updated food pyramid which lists meat as a junk food, and we all probably have a connection to a friend (or friend of a friend) whose vegan lifestyle has cured some persistent illness or health issue. I'm not a novice to veggie-friendly eating, having spent nine whole years of my life as a vegetarian.

Life Lately - Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day this year came right off a week plus of illness, right when we were getting back into the swing of things. I feel like we were still a bit slow-going, but so happy to be celebrating my very favorite holiday. I saved up all the valentines that Parker had received in the mail and put them out for him on Valentine's Day morning along with his pink pancake breakfast.

Coffee + Donuts

Cheers to Friday! I love a bright, happy donut to make a Friday (or any day) just a bit more special.

WDW Day Two | The Magic Kingdom

Below is how Parker felt after our first full day at Walt Disney World. We tried to let him sleep as long as we could on day two, then fed him a quick in-room breakfast of milk and yogurt before heading off around 8:30AM so we could experience rope drop at The Magic Kingdom just like the day before.

Five on Friday - Sick Week Edition

What a week! Parker has been out sick from school since last Friday (coughing, fever, the whole nine yards), and Max has been away on business travel. I literally sent Max this bitmoji on Wednesday:

Sausage & Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers | Gluten Free + Dairy Free

We recently joined a new CSA at a local, sustainable "permaculture" farm. It's a year-round program, so right now we're receiving lots of amazing meat! One of our items was pork sausage, and the farm suggested using it to make stuffed peppers. I searched around and adapted a few different recipes to make the dish below. The filling was so flavorful, I didn't even add the cheese that most of the recipes suggested, so these are completely gluten free and dairy free. While the sausage/mushroom combination makes them super rich and tasty, I feel that they're still a "light meal" since they don't have the heaviness of dairy. 

WDW Day One | The Magic Kingdom

When I was planning our Disney trip, I read every blog post I could find about visiting the park (both normal lifestyle/family blogs, and the dedicated Disney blogs as well). I wanted to know everything - How many rides could we get in before our Fast Passes started? How long would it take to travel from our hotel to Epcot? What were the best restaurants? So, while it's fun to recap our days at Walt Disney world for our own sake, I also want to share our experience and what we learned for anyone out there planning a trip of their own.

Walt Disney World | The Prep & The Travel

As a California girl, I grew up going to Disneyland. A trip there could be planned on a whim - the day before even. The prospect of Disney World was daunting. There were so many parks, and hotels, and restaurants, and rules - but when we decided last summer that we wanted to do a family trip to Disney World, I started researching like it was my job.
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