Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday

This week, Parker and I finally ventured the 2.3 miles from our house over to Lowe Mill, the former textile mill that now houses tons of local artists (including culinary ones!). I had doubted whether I was trendy or hipster enough to go in, but everyone was actually super friendly and welcoming. First stop, chocolate:

Cardamom, chicory, earl grey tea... these were no ordinary truffle flavors. Now I'm obsessed, and determined to sample each and every flavor. 

And the Alabama truffle? All. the. heart. eyes.

Next up - the most adorable coffee shop: Alchemy Lounge. Come summer I'm going to be all over the cold brew coffee on tap! But since it was March, I ordered my go-to coffee shop drink (a cappuccino).

 I loved their system of using playing cards to identify your drink at the counter :) 

And my cappuccino? Straight up amazing. 


Parker was stoked to find a "play for free" Pac-Man arcade game right outside the coffee shop.

He would have played all day long. 

I was able to entice him away with the promise of the popsicle shop down the hall.

Rainbow was the flavor of choice :)

Lowe Mill, we'll be back!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! I couldn't help but order just one more St. Patty's day book this week...


Also, how cute would this sweatshirt be for the holiday?

And finally, these pancakes are the perfect St. Patrick's Day breakfast!

I love having fun shows streaming on my computer during the day while I'm doing housework and Parker is napping (I mostly just listen to them). I played an episode of the new Netflix series The Santa Clarita Diet while doing laundry a few weeks ago, and it was the perfect silly entertainment to have on! I adore Drew Barrymore - she always seems to play quirky, endearing characters, and this show was no exception (I'm almost done with the first season!). Technically, it's a zombie show (um... never thought I'd watch one of those), but trust me, watch the first one and you'll be hooked.

It's been a couple weeks now since I began using the probiotic Columbia skincare products I was sent to try out. I was provided with both the cream and the serum, but the serum is hands-down my favorite. I love the medicine dropper top, and that I can quickly and easily apply it.

The cream is super, super thick, so I like applying it at night and letting it do its thing :) Husby of course makes fun of me for putting probiotics on my face, but I'll be doing the laughing when I look twenty-five again ;) 

According to the literature, you should be able to see a difference in just four days, so I took (makeup free, eeks!) pictures on Day 1 and Day 4 to see for myself. I tried to take the photos in the same room with the same lighting (and no filters). For just four days of use here, I totally think I can see a positive difference :)


I had a Junior League event this week and picked up this mini bouquet from Whole Foods for the hostess - but I was this close to just keeping it for myself! The decorative cabbage just put it over the top for me, and with a price tag of just nine dollars it was a steal. I popped the arrangement into a mason jar and tied on a bow of twine, and it was twelve kinds of adorable. I think Whole Foods is officially moving into my number one spot for flowers over Costco!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Happy March! Little Man will turn four-years-old this month - I seriously do not know how that happened! Unfortunately, March in Alabama this year came in with a bang - severe weather and a tornado watch. I was actually out brunching with some other moms when we got word that schools in the area would be ending early due to the weather rolling in. It was super comforting to be with other moms (who all have way more tornado experience) when everything went down. 

We were eating at the (yummy) bakery right by P's school, so I hightailed it there and brought him home (all I wanted to do was get us home safe - being out and about in sever weather is one of my worst fears). 

Parker's school had talked that day about "hidy spots" and he wanted to know where ours was, so I channeled my weather fear and Herculesed a full size mattress into the hallway (the best spot in our house to weather tornado warnings since it's interior and windowless). Parker added the pillows ;) By this time, we still hadn't really seen any bad weather, so I went about prepping our dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala) for the crock pot. Max texted around 1pm and told us the weather would be hitting us in 15-20 minutes. I'm so glad he did because at that point, I thought perhaps it had just missed us (I need some practice reading the radar maps). I snuggled up in our bed with Parker and told him we could watch a movie - so to him, it was the best day ever. We started streaming Finding Dory on my laptop - Parker's third movie ever (Finding Nemo and The Polar Express were his other two). It's times like these that make me so happy we reserve movies for very special occasions, because P was completely mesmerized and it let me take a breath while the weather rolled in... and it did. 

We didn't actually have any tornadoes touch down, but at one point the hail was coming down so hard that we had zero visibility out the window and I was this close to relocating us to the "hidy hole" hallway outside the bedroom door. Max has me trained to know that hail often precedes tornadoes, so I was on high alert. But, true to southern weather norms, twenty minutes later it was clear and sunny outside... go figure. So we hopped in the car and still made it to 4pm piano lessons. While our hail was maybe marble sized, Parker's piano teacher showed us a picture of baseball sized hail at her house! 

Hot and cold, hot and cold... the weather still can't make up its mind. 

We switched out the bookcase for the new month - birthday books, St. Patrick's Day, and spring books too, March is one busy month!

Parker insisted on reading every single St. Patty's Day book right away - this one is a favorite!

Just like last year, Parker wanted to make a St. Patrick's Day rainbow out of Fruit Loops... any excuse to buy Fruit Loops ;)

This was his last year's version:

He looked so much younger making it last year!

And then, what to do with leftover Fruit Loops? Top homemade donuts of course! I just followed the recipe for these baked mini donuts, then instead of a cinnamon sugar topping, I poured on melted white chocolate and sprinkled on Fruit Loops. 

Happy March!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Five February Friday Favorites...

It's been what's called unseasonably warm this week, also known as phenomenally gorgeous weather. True to their name as an outdoor school, Parker's class spent the entirety of their time yesterday outside (even their Spanish lesson!). We followed up with popsicles at the town centre, and playtime in the backyard (I snuck in some food magazine reading as well). Today's high is seventy-seven degrees, and I am 99% certain there is a picnic of some sort in our near future. We're eating up every bit of this unseasonable weather! (Though kind of freaking out about what it will be like when it's unseasonably warm in July. Eeeks.)

We picked up some tulips... because let's be real, it already feels like spring here.


I was stoked to get these new skincare products in the mail. It's always fun trying new things, and probiotics for your face seems pretty cutting edge to me. The cream is super thick, which is lovely in these dry winter months, and I'll report back after a week or so of use with more thoughts!


Remember how I said Parker and I delivered Valentine cookies to our neighbors last week? Almost all of them sent handwritten thank-you notes to Parker in the mail this week :) Southern Manners at their best!

With our phenomenal temperatures this week, I was inspired to do a bit of gorgeous-weather shopping :) I couldn't decide which chambray shirt I preferred, this one:

Or this one:

So I ordered both ;) Also, would you believe I don't own a pair of white jeans? They just scream spring to me so I reasoned this was the year to add them to my closet. I already own regular jeans in the same style, so I figured I'd love these ones as well:

I stopped myself before adding these guys to my online cart, but I'm still totally eyeing them.

P.S. If you are not using Ebates when doing your online shopping, you are missing out on getting cash back for your purchases! Click below to sign up if you haven't already. Just shop where you normally would online (clicking through via your Ebates account) and you'll accumulate the commissions that would normally go to Facebook or whichever web address that was featuring the advertisements that you previously clicked on.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

After finishing (and liking) The Woman in Cabin 10, I picked up Ruth Ware's first book, In a Dark, Dark Wood. Apparently way back in 2015, Reese Witherspoon announced she was doing a film adaptation of the book, but I must have completely missed this at the time (also, I can't finish anything recent on the subject so I hope it's still true). 

The book is definitely in the style of Gone Girl, and I really enjoyed it, though it's not to the same caliber (in my opinion) as a Gillian Flynn book. The crazy character in In a Dark, Dark Wood (don't worry, I won't give away which person it ends up being) isn't as well fleshed out as the the one in Gone Girl (and I really hold that book as the bar). The book didn't come together at the end as best as it could have (the motives seemed a bit stretched, which I could also say about The Woman in Cabin 10) however, I'd still recommend both Ruth Ware books if you're looking for interesting, page-turner thrillers :) 

Happy Almost-Weekend, Y'all!

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