Friday, April 21, 2017

Five On Friday

Five on Friday...

1. The Unicorn Frappuccino

Those Starbucks peeps are genius. I'm convinced this bright and colorful limited edition drink was invented with the sole purpose of social media photos in mind. Of course it worked on me, and Parker and I swung by Starbucks on Wednesday to get one (I used my free reward drink, so I don't feel as duped). The flavor? Cotton candy rolled in funfetti frosting. I can probably count on one hand the number of sips we took - not even my four-year-old was a fan! Next time, I'll stick with the Vanilla Bean (though it's not nearly as pretty ;)

2. This Book 

Y'all, this is a book you can pick up and read cover to cover. In fact, I almost read it all in one go until I realized it was the middle of the night (Max was snoring next to me) and I still had mom duties in the morning. I ended up finishing it the next day when I was supposed to be making dinner (breakfast burritos for the win that night!). The book isn't super long and the writing is pretty simple, so it's easy to get through but the twisted storyline will have you captivated, I promise!  I just couldn't put it down!! Best read with rainbow roses, a cup of coffee, and while wearing this Old Navy dress (on sale for just $14!).

3. Nana & Papa!

Nana and Papa flew in to Huntsville  this month to give Parker all the love :) They were too sweet to take Parker out on a special date night, and sent Max and me out on a date night as well!

Husby and I headed to The Bottle downtown, a tiny place that we've decided has the best food and service in town. 

4. Our Garden...

Is up and running! Pictures to come :) I made it to the Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale earlier this month, despite the fact that sale day was rainy with temperatures in the forties. I powered through anyway because it's my favorite event of the year. I stocked up on flowers, veggies, and herbs (which lived in our garage for a few nights while we waited out the random cold spell) and then warmed up with a cappuccino + my favorite new pastry, this vegan/gluten free pop tart! Both were from the Honest Coffee Shop pop up downtown. How excited am I to have another walkable coffee spot? Very

5. Easter Love

Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

3 Ways to Help the Planet this Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up this April 22! While this is a lovely time to celebrate the Earth and all its beauty, it's also a perfect opportunity to reflect on our impact on the Earth and its resources. This Earth Day, our little family will be focusing on what we can do to take care of the planet - specifically, reducing our carbon footprint. Here are three ways to help the planet this Earth Day (and every day!):

1. Give Your Car a Break

Ask my husband - my very favorite thing to do is walk into downtown for lunch. It's great exercise (especially if I'm the one pushing the stroller!) and by not driving, we cut down out the emissions our vehicle would have been letting out (and save gas money, too!). In the summer, this is how we roll to the neighborhood community pool:

While we don't own bikes yet, I think biking is an awesome option once little man gets older. If you're not close to any stores or parks, try planning a way to car pool with neighbors or friends to events or activities! And don't forget to take advantage of public transportation when you're in big cities :)

2. Eat Local

Eating locally grown fruits and veggies cuts down on the fuel used to ship produce via trucks and planes, generating less greenhouse gases. Local produce is fresher, tastes better, likely contains more nutrients, and supports the local community as well. Farmers Markets, nearby farms, and CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture programs) are all great ways to find amazing local food items.

You-Pick fields and farms go one step closer and allow little hands to connect physically to local produce. 

Eating local also means eating seasonal!

And you literally can't get any more local than your own yard.

Find a spot to plant some veggies and herbs this spring, or go all out and do a raised bed garden!

I guarantee my face is this excited when I pick a radish from the garden, as well!

3. Reduce Trash & Recyclables

True story - when we moved into our house here in Alabama, I noticed this blue recycle bin and I told Max "Oh, that's so cute - so we use this small one to fill up the big one. Where's the big recycle bin?" Having only ever lived in California and Arizona, I was used to ginormous recycle bins - like bigger than the trash bins. I realized this teeny, tiny recycle bin was all the the city was going to pick up! I've since realized that not all cities even have recycling programs - so while reducing trash/waste is amazing, reducing things that can be recycled is important as well. Here's what you can do:

-Purchase items like spices, nuts and pasta from bulk bins and reuse the same containers (bonus - they are usually much less expensive this way, too!)

-Fill your own reusable water bottles or tumblers instead of using plastic ones

-Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones

-Bring your own reusable bags when grocery shopping (big, sturdy bags allow you to hold more, as well)

- (My newest find) Purchase tube-free toilet paper rolls!

I was shocked to discover that, every year, the United States throws away enough used toilet paper tubes to fill the Empire State Building twiceScott® Brand figured out a way around this with their Tube-Free Bath TissueFor us, buying it leaves more room in our already cramped recycle bin (and for those who don't have programs or who don't recycle on their own, it eliminates the need to toss the tubes in the trash!). 

Click here to purchase Scott® Tube-Free Bath Tissue discounted via Amazon! 

Thank you to Scott® Brand for sponsoring this post! 

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

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