Friday Favorites

Amen. Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Season, y'all! Nevermind it's been in the nineties here (add in the humidity and it basically feels like you're walking around on top of a bowl of soup), I will sip my PSL and pretend I'm wearing boots and a scarf.

Happy Anni to Us!

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary! Nine years ago Max and I said I do, and I'd choose this man every day, over and over again. I can't imagine a better partner, friend, Dada, cheerleader, protector, bug killer, air conditioner installer, deal finder, navigator, dish washer, smart house creator, caretaker, travel companion, adventure seeker, answer-giver, or all-around fixer of all the things. How did I get so lucky? Oh right, ­čśë

Soccer Star

Neither Max nor I are what you'd call athletic. Neither of us played team sports in high school (Max was on the swim team, and I played in the marching band). So imagine our surprise that our son loves all things sports. Anything with a ball or puck - he's all over it. He wants to play, he wants to watch... you could say he's obsessed. Baseball, hockey, golf, football - he's equal opportunity. So when sign-ups went out earlier this year for his school's kindergarten soccer league, we signed him right up, despite the fact he'd never played organized soccer before.


Friday Faves

Happy Friday! It seems like (almost) everyone has gone back-to-school at this point! My social media feeds have been filled with first-week photos, and they make me smile! Here are my five faves for the week...

Seinfeld Date Night

Every couple years, Jerry Seinfeld comes to town and does a one-night-only stand-up comedy routine. We went the last time he was here in 2016, and purchased tickets again as soon as they went on sale earlier this year.

Making Mornings Special with NEW NESTL├ë® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast

This post is sponsored by NESTL├ë® NESQUIK® but the content and opinions expressed are my own.

Breakfast sets the tone for the day, and since my little man is now going to real school afterward, I like to make it extra special. We've kept out out first-day-of-school ballon garland, and I'm pairing our waffles, toast, bacon, eggs and fruit with NESTL├ë® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast

Taco Tuesday | Ice Cream Tacos

Tuesdays are for tacos, and you haven't lived until you've had one made of... ice cream ­čĺâ

PCK Starts Kindergarten!

I blinked, and my little newborn started kindergarten. The days are long, but the years are short, y'all. Parker got a special delivery on Kindergarten Eve just as we were getting ready for bed. It made him even more excited for the next day!

Miscellany Monday | End of Summer Edition

Today is the last day of summer break, and as of tomorrow, I will officially be a kindergarten mom! If you missed my blog entry on back-to-school lunches with Pepperidge Farm, click HERE! How perfect are those little slider buns? I had some questions on the lunch box I used in the post - Parker has one of the classic Pottery Barn Kids square lunch boxes, and I use the Bento Box from PB Kids inside it (I love how it divides everything up and makes packing all the snacks and sides super easy). 

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