Valentine's Week + A Printout


Valentine's Day, my favorite holiday! I used to think nothing could beat being an elementary school teacher on Valentine's Day - decorating the classroom, making cute valentines for my students, the party and exchanging of valentines, the overall sweet and happy vibe of the day... but being a mom on Valentine's Day just takes the (heart shaped) cake. Here are a few things I love doing to make the holiday extra special...

1. Heart Shaped Balloons!

Party City always runs a special for red heart shaped mylar balloons - in other years I've just popped in and they have bundles waiting all week, but this year I utilized their online ordering and I'll be doing curb-side pick-up. 

2. Themed Food!

Basically anything heart shaped will do! We've also started the tradition of a family valentine dinner of crab and fondue which makes the meal seem extra special and fancy (we use this electric fondue pot and do both cheese and then chocolate in it!). 

3. Valentine Clothing

When Parker was younger, I loved ordering personalized or monogrammed valentine shirts for him. This year, I did valentine pajamas! Hanna Andersson has the cutest options right now. You can order them here on Amazon to get them in time for Valentine's Day (they're pricy but such good quality). 

4. Themed Books

Valentine books are a must! We added Little Blue Truck's Valentine to our collection this year (Finn is obsessed with all things truck), but The Night Before Valentine's Day and The Story of Valentine's Day are classic favorites. 

5. Valentines!

If you have a school-aged child, you know that going through all those valentines after school is a major highlight of the day. Parker always has very specific needs for the valentines that he gives out 😂 Last year, he wanted Storm Troopers holding light sabers... so Storm Troopers holding light sabers it was! My Silhouette Cameo got quite the workout for that one!

This year, I offered up the idea to give out watercolor sets, which he was totally into since he's been on a painting kick as of late (his only requisite was that was also include a candy, ha!)

These watercolor paints came in an 18 pack which worked for Parker's class of 16. We taped on Tootsie Pops with packing tape, and I made these cute colorful labels that you can download and print below! Parker was also very specific about the wording he wanted 😉

To make, just print on cardstock, cut, and punch a hole to tie on with a ribbon! Enjoy!


  1. Amanda!! I love all of these!! I always think of you on Valentines Day!

  2. Red heart-shaped mylar balloons are always on sale at Party City. In the past, I've just stopped by and they've had bundles waiting all week, but this year, I ordered online and will be picking up the balloons curbside.

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