Swindled Again!

February 29th would mark a year and a half since our wedding day, but alas, there is no February 29th this year (again). I probably wouldn't have even noticed that we were approaching the big 1.5 save for the fact I knew it wasn't a leap year. To add humor, Max is 7 hours ahead of me right now (as he's on business in England) so at some point it will be February 28th for me and March 1st for him... no February 29th in sight. Next year actually is a leap year and you better believe we'll be celebrating the day ; )


Heart Day Love

I've always said Valentine's Day is everything wonderful in the world: red, pink, hearts, flowers, chocolates, cards (well, maybe all of my favorite things ; ) Being a teacher on Valentine's Day is the best since it lets you experience all of these things through the eyes of little ones...

The crafts:

The Mailboxes:

The Valentines:

My firsties were super excited to open their boxes at the end of the day. Watching them was so much fun : ) As was Petite Mason with my husband! It was a lovely desert night:

We went to Petitie Maison last year for Valentine's Day as well. It's a "country bistro specializing in traditional French cuisine" and just like its name it's petite with just 33 indoor seats. On Valentine's Day they do a special set menu and I wouldn't mind making it a tradition ; )

The food was amazing. My favorite course was the third: Beef Tournedo with Roasted Artichokes, Pommes Robuchon, and Red Wine Bordelaise (and the paired Cotes du Rhone). It was I have to close my eyes while I'm eating this good : )

Valentine Smiles from Scottsdale

Valentine's Eve!

Valentine's Day has to be my very favorite holiday : ) It's also my favorite time of the year to be a teacher since a lot of our stories/crafts/activities can be Valentine/Love themed : ) Tomorrow we'll have special Valentine centers and I get to wear the cute apron sent from my sweet momma:

I'm pretty sure it was meant for kitchen use, but when you're working with seven year olds it's always a good idea to be covered ; ) And, just like my firsties, I have my own valentines that I'm giving out all packed and ready to deliver:

I went with an idea I spotted on the First Grade Parade and made "Love Potion" packs with cute straws and Kool-Aid singles:

And though I love my little firsties, my favorite part of the day will be spending time with my hubby : ) I love getting fancy and going out to dinner, and I am beyond excited for Petite Maison tomorrow! Here's a sneak peek at our menu:

I can't wait! Happy Heart Day, all!

Our Backyard Zoo

We have some new friends hanging out around the yard...

The first time we spotted them, they were on our upstairs balcony. For a second, we thought that they were really big stray cats. Then we realized - they were baby bobcats!

They are very curious:

And super playful:

And always close by mamma:

Max thinks it's really neat to have them around - kind of like our yard has turned into a zoo. While I agree, I'm also reminded of the reason why we can't get a tiny rabbit-sized dog.

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Just one thing I'm writing about this week...

More than anything, I'm loving my sweet, wonderful, caring husband. I know we took vowels to love to to cherish in sickness and in health, but he has gone above and beyond taking care of his sick wifey these past couple weeks. He's made countless cups of tea with lemon and honey, has made sure I had soup to eat, purchased, set up and kept the humidifier filled, called to line up substitutes when I had zero voice and at one point even let me use his pillow so I could sleep propped up to breathe. He's my Superman and I don't know what I would do without him.
*photo taken in Colorado, 2008
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