Christmas Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

At 27 weeks, I was loving being with my family in California, playing games, eating yummy food and celebrating the Christmas season! Everyone got to feel the bean kick, which was super special. 

I couldn't get enough time with these soon-to-be aunties! 

 Plus the cutest pup in the world: 

Sweetest nap time picture! 

Christmas Eve we went to a candlelight church service and also snapped this family of 2.5 photo: 

Christmas morning was filled with fun pajamas, 
 ...lots of presents,

...and lots of love! 

My favorite: the annual sisters+puppies pic! 

And one with the best husband ever: 

Thank you, mom and dad, for such a special Christmas!!

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Once again, we selected a ginormous (11.5 foot!) Christmas tree this year! It makes me soooo happy! I love everything about it: pulling in the driveway and seeing the lights twinkling through the front window, serving dinner in the formal dining room so we can admire the tree, piling presents underneath, and of course the best part was unearthing all of our special ornaments. 

After our honeymoon in 2009, we started a tradition of picking up a Christmas ornament on all of our foreign travels. I love placing them on the tree and remembering all the fun we had on our trips...

London 2010: 

Grand Cayman 2011:

And most recently, Tortola 2012!

I can't wait to add more ornaments as the years go on! :)


Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

It's the most wonderful (and busiest!) time of the year! So busy in fact that I'm way behind on posting my 26 Week update. It's all so much fun though: holiday parties, wrapping gifts, eating dinner in front of the Christmas tree... I love it all! Baby is loving the pears that my Aunt Liz sent for Christmas, yum! 

6 Months Along :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +20ish

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been breaking out the summer maternity ensembles since we’ve had a bit of a November/December heat wave here in Scottsdale!  

Cravings: Jalapeño anything! I ordered jalapeños on my hamburger over Thanksgiving in Dallas (which I’ve never done before) and was piling them on leftover turkey! Still loving jalapeño kettle chips and most recently jalapeño popcorn!   

Movement: Little one moves like crazy every night starting around ten and must move all night because I wake up to dance parties in my stomach! The bean was moving all about at my 25 Week check-up and the doctor called baby a Wild Child!

Aversions: None these days though if I get too hot I get nauseous which is not fun.  

What I Miss: Nothing… well, I’d take one or two nights of good sleep without getting up a zillion times.

Best Moment: Watching the bean move from the outside with Max!

What I'm Looking Forward To: More holiday fun while preggers!


Follow the Bump

Where has the bump been this week? 

Tim Mitchell's Christmas Tree lot where we've purchased an Oregon grown tree for the past 4 years (we chose another mondo one this year: 11 1/2 feet tall!):

The Hot Chocolate 5K walk with my high school friend Krissy:

And out to the neighborhood streets where we have some resurfacing going on (obviously this was solely for the cute photo opp!):


Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

The kids at school remind me every time I see them "Your baby is getting bigger!" Indeed, little one is now the size of an eggplant, and my uterus the size of a soccer ball! I've been keeping up with my weekly prenatal yoga (which I love) and have been trying to get more walking time in. 

Baby is loving all the holiday treats out right now, specifically the Mint Christmas M&Ms and Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate. I did have a tall Peppermint Mocha this week, which was my first caffeine in quite a while and the most I've had my whole pregnancy. It was well within the "okay" allotment being only half the recommended limit of caffeine and still I was a ball full of energy! I forgot how awesome coffee was : )

WILW: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Edition

Holiday music, peppermint soap, here's what I'm loving this 80 degree December day...

I'm loving Christmas pajamas! (Though I need to pair them with a tank top because we're running 10+ degrees above normal these days in Arizona. Couple that with being hot and pregnant already and we've actually ran our air conditioner this month... in December!) 

I'm loving that we now have an Elf on the Shelf! With a little one on the way I thought it was finally time to "adopt" one : )

I'm loving bringing out old Christmas goodies like our 2008 Christmas photo! 

I'm loving that our fabulous school PTO has decorated the Staff Room with a Christmas theme! 

I'm loving that The Nutcracker is in our school curriculum! I can't wait to share the music and the story with my sweet Kinders, Firsties and Second Graders! 

I'm loving seeing Christmas lights everywhere! And since Saguaro cacti are found only in the Sonoran Desert, I know the green-light-wrapped cactus is quite unique!

What are you loving?? Link up here

A Baby Bump for the Royals!

How excited am I that Kate Middleton is expecting?!? Yay! I love that I'll be pregnant at the same time as the Duchess; she's the cutest!! (I love it even more because my mom was pregnant with me when Princess Diana was pregnant with Prince William!) I'm eagerly waiting for the palace to announce a due date... apparently the Duchess is in the "very early stages" of her pregnancy so I'm estimating June... we'll see! 

Full article and photo from here : )

Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

Baby is loving Clementines and pickled ginger! Max took me out for (cooked) sushi so I could basically eat an entire plate of ginger! Baby is also loving salt which makes sense since I got my lab work back which indicated I was low on sodium, and dehydrated. Oops. I'll be trying to sip more water in the upcoming months. 

We toured our hospital today and timed how long it took us to get there (15 minutes). It's so exciting to think that in March we'll be doing "the drive" for real! 
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