Happy Halloween from Scottsdale!

I love, love love seeing all the little ones on Halloween night! This was the first Halloween since I took the teaching job at the local school and it was adorable to see some of my students come to the door trick-or-treating and then be surprised to see me! Two little girls left the door running and shouting to their parents "It was our music teacher! Our music teacher lives there!"

Here's our family of 2.5 from the night... I can't believe that next year we will actually be a family of 3!! 


Bumpdates: 18 & 19 Weeks

Max and I just returned from our Babymoon/Birthdaymoon to the BVIs! Yes, in addition to celebrating baby, we also celebrated the first anniversary of my 29th birthday ; ) We snapped this photo before we left: 

At 18 Weeks I was feeling great! Second trimester is the best thing ever! I feel so happy all of the time, and it’s so nice having more energy to do things. I also finally got my sushi fix with some cooked rolls this week, yum!  

The bump is totally out there now – it’s so different to look down and see just belly. I love walking around school because I can’t go more than I few steps without another teacher rubbing my tummy, or without a student reminding me “You have a baby in there!”

Upon returning last night (seven flights and seven days later) we snapped this photo for 19 Weeks: 

Week 19 was an incredible week of travel including our heavenly vacay to Tortola and a long weekend in Dallas for a wedding. I had a bit of nausea this week but I attribute it to the tons of travel and changes in schedule. 

It's so much fun having an actual bump! A sweet woman actually stopped me at the airport last night and said my bump was super cute! Max makes fun of me because I will stare at it in any window or mirror we pass by. I just can't help it! 

Oh, how Pinteresting!

I've found some darling nurseries on Pinterest that I want to emulate for the baby room! My favorite is this one: 

Since we won't be finding out the gender until baby's born, I need something gender neutral and I love the orange with the teal. The cute flags also give a bit of whimsy and I might copy those, too!

I liked some of the elements in these rooms, as well. The bright patterned rocker: 

The fun chevron curtains and swirl rug, the clean lined white crib: 

We have yet to actually buy anything for the nursery, but that doesn't mean I haven't been looking! 

I have this guy pinned on my crafty page - a DIY upholstered headboard. Our guest room could really use one! Although, I'm guessing that baby's room is going to trump everything else for a while. 

I was, however, able to eek out a Thanksgiving wreath inspired of course by Pinterest. I invited a couple of the teachers over for Halloween/Fall wreath making and this is how they turned out! 

Who doesn't love Pinterest? 


Boy or Girl?

"Are you going to have a boy baby or a girl baby? What's in there?" my sweet students all ask (in between, of course, telling me they really like the baby, placing stickers on my tummy for baby, and asking me to tell the baby "hi").

Alas, the world will find out if Baby Klein is a boy or a girl when we do: in March! Max and I always said that when we got pregnant, we would want to be surprised by the gender of our baby. Though now that we're pregnant, I think I could easily be swayed to find out the gender (hello more shopping!). Max, however, won't budge. He says that this is one of the few times in life where you can be truly surprised. The nursery, therefore, will be gender neutral, and I will have to wait to buy Lil' Guy onesies with ties, or headbands and bows for Lil' Miss...though I suppose I could stock up on both just in case??? ; )

All we want is a healthy baby; we honestly aren't hoping for one gender over the other. I think we're both just thrilled that it's actually happening, and that we're actually going to be parents!

Four Months Preggers

Baby is now the size of a sweet potato! Sweet potatoes of course remind me of sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving and I am now counting down the days until then!

I started prenatal yoga and have now been to two Saturday classes. It’s such a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, and I love, love how I feel afterward! Hopefully I can keep it up!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +12 pounds which is still more than my books outline, however I was told at my 17 week appointment that my weight looked great so I’m embracing the gain :)

Symptoms: I’m feeling so much better! More energy and almost no nausea, yippee! Thank you, second trimester.

Maternity Clothes: I splurged on some new maternity dresses for the holiday season and a pair of maternity Citizen jeans. What I haven’t been able to find is a maternity wetsuit. I’ll need a wetsuit for snorkeling on our Babymoon, but my old one is officially too small. Looks like I’ll just be getting one a few sizes bigger. (Implied business opportunity here: maternity wetsuits. You’d have at least one customer!)

Movement: I think I felt baby a few times while driving and once during class while Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony was on. It was hard to tell because the movement was so slight. Then at almost 17 weeks, I was sitting on the couch one night and I totally felt baby! It must have been somersaulting or doing something else big, but I kept feeling huge waves of movement! It was so incredible! Max was bummed that he was away on business, but I assured him the movement wasn’t strong enough to feel from the outside yet.

Cravings: I went through the biggest artichoke phase! For a few weeks, I could not get enough of them! I would steam them and serve them with lemon butter, yum. I’ve been loving honey nut cheerios and grapefruit juice, too. Lately though, all baby wants is Indian food.  

Aversions: I still have no desire for coffee, which is so odd to me!

What I Miss: Fresh squeezed juices, soft serve, sushi, cold beer during football games and red wine with dinner. Now that my appetite is back, I’m fully realizing all the foods on the do not/should not list. I’m also missing SCUBA diving – mostly because we have our tropical Babymoon booked and I know that diving will be a no-no.  

Best Moment(s): Anything with my sweet husband. He takes the best care of me. From filling the humidifier every night for my stuffy pregnant nose, to feeling my tummy for kicks each day, to reading out loud to the bean, he is the sweetest, most caring husby ever.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Our 20 week sonogram! This would be the one where we could find out the baby’s gender, however we’re going to pass in favor of being surprised at baby’s birth! We’re still SO excited to see how much baby has grown in two months. 

And, just for fun, a comparison of three months and four months! What a difference 5 weeks makes! 


Bumpdate: 17 Weeks

17 Weeks: Baby loves Indian food. Loves, loves, loves. As in, I’ve literally had Indian food every single day this week. Also on the must have list: grapefruit juice.

I had my monthly check-up this week and baby’s heartbeat clocked in at 154 bpm. I received my first ever flu shot, which went well save for a sore neck and shoulder (a small price to pay for staying healthy for baby).

Other than the flu shot symptoms, mama is feeling great! Lots more energy and just so happy all the time! 


Bumpdate: 16 Weeks

Baby loves frozen chocolate-covered bananas and veggies with ranch dip. Mama loves the second trimester!! 


Snake Month

The coming of October used to mean that Halloween, the World Series and my birthday were right around the corner. Unfortunately, it also now warns me that it's Snake Month. Snake Month is not some fun event like Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. No, Snake Month is very real. For the past two years, I have found a snake in the house in the month of October. 

You might remember my first encounter (documented here). We had only moved into the house a few months prior, and my husband at the time was bi-continental, working for weeks at a time in the U.K. I spotted the snake right outside our bedroom door and within seconds was standing on the bed and dialing the local Snake Whisperer, who told me the little guy would just find his way out. Since I couldn't find the snake again, I figured that this is what had happened. I couldn't have been more wrong; upon waking in the morning I spotted the snake against the wall opposite my bed. Yes, in the bedroom. Shudder. I'll spare you the gory details but I will tell you that the snake died at my hand, aided only by a piece of wood. (P.S. I was still wearing my pajamas.)

I spied last year's snake in almost the exact same spot as the first, and still right outside our bedroom! It was pre-8am and I nearly dropped my coffee I was so startled. Being a screamer, I accidently scared that snake off as well, which meant husby and I slept in the house that night knowing that there was a snake somewhere. I need a medal. Husby found the snake the following morning and, not being a screamer, was able to pick it up and toss it over the fence into the open area space between yards. 

I'm hoping that this was just a two-time occurance. If I find another snake this year, please, someone make me an award. Made out of chocolate. Filled with ice cream. Thank you. 
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