Five on Friday | Safer at Home

Well, we have moved on from "shelter in place" to "Safer at Home" here in Alabama. However, besides Max and Parker heading out to get their first haircuts since February, and a socially distanced picnic lunch at The Botanical Gardens, we're pretty much still practicing our quarantining. Here's what else is new...

Finn Edward | One Year

Our Finn Edward has officially made his first trip around the sun! He is wearing size 18 month clothing, size 4 diapers, and is just the cutest thing you've ever seen. He's become so much more communicative in the past few weeks. We're holding that his first official word was brother ("buhbuhbuh" - he loves pointing to big brother and saying it) but key and car were close contenders for that number one spot. Other words include: balloon, dada, egg, camera, bird, dog, and (finally!) mama. Finn has mastered the good-bye wave, pulls himself up on anything and everything he can find, is able to locate his belly button, and loves to "brush" his own hair and teeth.

Life Lately | Quaratine Cuties

What's it like to be quarantined with a baby? It's simultaneously wonderfully delicious and cry-your-eyes out exhausting. On one hand, I feel so fortunate that time has stopped and I've had all obligations erased, and thus the ability to really soak up both Parker and Finn at this stage... but, the whole up-to-my-eyes in dishes plus absolutely no breaks has been a bit challenging. Obviously we have it easy compared to so many others  - we are super fortunate in all this that Max's job is "essential" and that he's still earning a paycheck, that we have a roomy house with a yard, and that we have money for groceries and occasional takeout. Still, when I look back on this post someday, I want to remember what our days were really like...
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