Bumpdate | 7 Months

Baby is the size of a: cantaloupe!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +22 pounds... this was, by far, the biggest one-month gain so far!

Maternity Clothes: I find it impossible to wear maternity jeans, which is such a bummer! They will either fall down, or I get frustrated that they're so tight. My answer? Maternity overalls. Best. Thing. Ever. So comfy, and they stay up all on their own. 

Cravings: Pad Thai! I can't even count the number of times we've done this for take-out lunch and dinner over the past month (and I scarf the leftovers for breakfast). Wedge Salads and quesadillas have also been high on my list, and I'm back to loving any and all ice cream.

Aversions: Anything too sweet in the morning triggers nausea 😕

Symptoms: Pure Barre classes are getting exponentially harder. A couple weeks ago, I went to touch my toes for the end-of-class stretch and I realized it had become impossible. I appear to be oblivious to these bodily changes, however, because a couple weeks ago while getting gas for Pepper, I attempted to step over the gas hose that was fueling the SUV. It didn't even register in my brain that I might not be able to lift my leg that high anymore. I totally caught my foot on the hose, tripping myself and landing hard right on the concrete. Luckily I landed on my knees and arms and not my baby bump, but I was still really shaken up (and bruised and bloody). My monthly OB appointment was the next day, and it was comforting to hear all was fine with baby, and I was already scheduled for my RhoGAM shot that day (I'm O negative blood type) which is what they would have administered me for the fall anyway. Between the injuries from the fall, and the RhoGAM and Tdap shots, I was just so sore for the next few days (in fact, even weeks later, my knee is still so bruised!). I'm also majorly suffering from Pregnancy Brain. I almost cried when I went to put away groceries and realized that the Ben & Jerry's I had been enjoying the night before was put into the refrigerator and not the freezer... Max tried to convince me it was still edible "like a milkshake" but I wasn't sold.

What I Miss: Wearing jeans... a glass of wine while making dinner... a glass of wine with dinner... the ability to bend over without feeling like I'm being punched in the stomach...

What I'm Looking Forward To: Our nursery furniture should be arriving in just a couple weeks! It seems like it's been backordered forever!

Boy or Girl: I've purchased a little pink and a little blue so we're prepared either way! 

Labor Signs: Daily Braxton Hicks and, as of this week (30 weeks), my monthly OB appointments become every other week, signaling L&D is right around the corner! 

Best Moments: Another prenatal massage (ahhhh!!) this time at the super posh Omni spa in Asheville, and eating my way through the town with a girlfriend! All the desserts, y'all! 


  1. You are absolutely the cutest! I'm so glad everything is going well!

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