Life Lately

October always flies by. Out of all the months, it's the one where I feel like I blink and it's over. Here's what we've been up to lately...

4 Festive Butters for Your Holiday Rolls

There's a wonderful little restaurant in town that serves an herby compound butter with their bread basket. It really stands out because it's different and unexpected, and husby and I always comment that it's so fancy and fun. In anticipation of the holiday season (the fanciest time of the year!), I'm sharing four festive compound butter recipes. They'll make those dinner rolls on your upcoming holiday table even more special!

35 Things About Me

In honor of my birthday week (and completion of my 35th year on earth!), thirty-five things you might not know about me...

1. I have a late October birthday, which means I started kindergarten at age four. Of course kindergarten was much easier back then (now it's basically what first grade used to be).

2. Starting kinder at four meant I left for college at age seventeen. I always felt I was just a little ahead of the game and I loved it.


*Spooky* Friday the 13th Favorites

Happy Friday the 13th! In honor of this spooky day, here are some Halloween inspired favorites...
I just finished The Kind Worth Killing and I'm telling you - if you enjoy a psychological thriller (like me) stop everything right now and order this book! The book starts with two strangers meeting at Heathrow airport and sharing their secrets on the flight back to the U.S. The twists and turns that ensue make it such the spooky page turner! 

5 Tips for Pure Barre Empower

I've professed my love for Pure Barre many times over. I need a workout that holds me accountable, so exercising with an entire group (plus a teacher to lead, correct and modify) is just perfect in my book. Add to that all the other perks of barre - low impact, effective, fun - and it's pretty much a perfect workout.

Yee Haw, Dallas!

Max was born and raised in Dallas proper, and every time I visit I remember just how BIG of a city it is... after all, #everythingsbiggerintexas. Max randomly had a conference in downtown Dallas the week after his sister's wedding, so Parker and I stayed as well to get our Texas on!

Mimi Gets Married!

Is this the most perfect picture ever? Last month, Max's sister was married in pretty much the most perfect wedding ever! And spy the little guy on stage? Parker did his job as ring bearer like a boss, smiling to everyone as he walked down the aisle and having his best manners on stage during the ceremony! #proudparent
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