Finn Edward | Six Months

Finn has been halfway around the sun! He is wearing size 9-12 month clothing and size three diapers. This was a BIG month as he went on his first airplane ride, earned his first passport stamp, saw the ocean for the first time, started eating solids, and moved to sleeping full-time in his nursery (no more bassinet by Mama and Dada's bed - he pretty much outgrew it!). He's still waking up at least once a night to nurse, but his nursery is right next to our bedroom which is nice.

We waited until after our vacation to introduce Finn to solids since we didn't know how he would react (it's a big change fully using that digestive system for the first time!). We were so excited to finally introduce him to solids as he's shown interest for a long time. He started off at five-and-a-half months with avocado purée (same as big brother), then moved on to sweet potato (a big hit and still his favorite). Our CSA has been providing us with lots of great local seasonal fruits and veggies, so I've also puréed acorn squash, turnip, apple, and butternut squash. Finn quickly went from one "meal" a day to two and can eat several servings at a time (and I think if we let him, he'd gladly take a bite of cheeseburger or ice cream - we always feel bad eating real food in front of him because he just stares at it, arms reached out).

Finn's babbling went to the next level this month with the repetitive consonant/vowel sounds "babababa" and, my favorite of course, "mamamamamama" 😊 We love reading to him, singing to him, and making him laugh, and he loves watching his big brother. I think Finn's favorite time of day is when we return home from picking Parker up at school and Parker gets to play with him! Parker has also taken quite the interest in feeding Finn his purees and even helps with bath time.

We officially have a thumb sucker - it's Finn's favorite way to self-soothe and he usually goes right for it when he's placed in his crib. Napping has been so much better, and Finn's been so much happier in general (though we're being visited by the teething monster currently, with just the hint of a bottom tooth poking through Finn's gums).

Finn was a doll on our family vacation, and we're happy to report that he seems to love our favorite island (Grand Cayman) just as much as we do.

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