My First Visit to the South

When Max was first contacted about the Alabama job offer by an executive recruiter earlier this year, neither of us actually took the situation very seriously. There were a lot of what-ifs (like if he'd even be the one chosen) and we were happily enjoying springtime in the desert (by far the best time of year here). However, come April when my husband was actually offered the job as CTO, it finally became real. Within a few days of the job offer, Max's now-new company had us on our way to Huntsville so that I could check out the town (I had previously never set foot in Alabama, or in the south at all for that matter!). 

We decided to leave little man behind in Scottsdale. It was a super hard decision, as this was the first time we'd be leaving Parker overnight and it would be for three days. While taking him along with us would have been better emotionally for me, we felt that he would do better being at home and on his own routine, rather than being carted through four flights and a two-hour time change. I may have cried on our morning drive to the airport, but by the time we were there, I was fully enjoying all the perks of child-less travel. Max and I had packed our clothes into one duffel that he was carting, and I simply carried my purse. I had forgotten what it was like to fly without a carseat and diaper bag, what it was like to not have to check bags. We arrived at the airport twenty minutes before our plane was scheduled to board, walked through security with TSA pre-check, and even had time to pick up a coffee before boarding early with Max's priority status. My purse seemed so empty without baby toys and baby snacks (I'm not sure what I used to carry in it pre-baby?) so I had plenty of room for my hardback copy of Gone Girl. Yes, I realize I'm about two years behind on jumping on the Gone Girl train. Sadly, this book had been left in my nightstand drawer since summer 2012! I'm so happy I remembered it was there and picked it up for this trip. 


Big News!

We can finally make it internet-official: my amazing husband has been offered an incredible new job/career opportunity that he just couldn't pass up. Here's to Dr. Klein, CTO! We are celebrating the end of a chapter and the start of new adventures - Max in his new position as a Chief Technology Officer, and me in my new role as a SOUTHERN WIFE... that's right, y'all, the new job is in ALABAMA! More details to come...

Mother's Day 2014

Last year on Mother's Day, I had a fragile little newborn who napped on my chest most of the day. This year, I had an active, walking, falling, babbling, silly, happy, sweet toddler. What a difference a year makes! 

I was super spoiled to start the celebrating early in the week with a Mom's Spa Day with seven of the amazing mammas from my mom's groups. 

It was my first time at Joya Spa at the Montelucia, and the spa was fabulous - one of my new favorites. It has a Moroccan theme and was very mind-body oriented. Before entering the spa, we all chose a special rock to represent ourselves and placed it on a platform while visualizing our intentions for the day (my California hippie side was twelve kinds of excited about this). There was also a ginormous Quartz stone that was supposed to give off calming energy. My facial was lovely, as was sitting and chatting all robed up under blankets on the fluffy beds in the waiting room. Instead of a cold plunge pool to cool body temps after sauna or hot tub, there was a five gallon container that would fill with cold water, and it was suspended high in the air from the ceiling. There was a chain and handle and the idea was to stand underneath the container and pull, releasing the water all over you. I definitely cheated the first time and pulled while standing outside of the spray until I worked up the nerve to actually stand under it. It ended up being super refreshing and invigorating!

Post-treatments all the moms dined poolside and soaked up the sun - a perfect ending to a great day of pampering.

On Mother's Day Sunday, Max and Parker took me out to brunch at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.

The buffet was super special and had everything from a raw seafood and oyster bar, to belgian waffles, to beef filets, to gorgeous desserts. Parker loved munching on berries, french toast and french fries, while my favorite dish was the heirloom tomato salad with burrata, yum. 

Our reservation was with my wonderful friend Adena and her husband and baby boy. Here's our mamma selfie after we were delivered single roses from the Fairmont staff. 

And us with our baby boys, just six weeks apart (Adena is expecting baby #2 to make an appearance any day now!). 

My little family:

 After brunch we all walked the resort grounds and stopped at the tiny lake.

Little man beelined for the water but luckily daddy was able to keep him out.

The boys and their daddies, having fun:

I'm so thankful for this giggly, moving, crazy bundle of joy that made me a mamma. 

My sweet Parker Campbell Klein...

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