Quarantine Reads | Round 1

I'm back with my latest quarantine reads - because in a pandemic, it's comforting to "get away" even if it's just through literature. I'm reviewing two recent releases and two throwbacks that I'm juuuust getting around to reading because, I'm slow (seriously, for further proof of my slowness, refer back to this blog post I penned in 2016). A state-wide shelter-in-place seemed like the perfect time to finally get around to reading them.

Finn 10 & 11

Oh, Finn Edward. You are the exclamation point on our family sentence. Born into a house of first-borns, you remind us every day that you, sir, are different. Determined to prove sibling theory correct, you display all the hallmark characteristics of a classic second born. While the rest of this house is cautious and structured, you have been rebellious and dramatic since day one (when you arrived so fast that Dada and the nurses barely got the table pulled out for your delivery, nevermind that there was no medical doctor in sight).
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