Sedona, AZ

Even though we have now officially lived in Arizona for over a year, we haven't explored the state outside the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. So for Max's birthday weekend, I planned a surprise trip to the red rocks of Sedona that we had heard so much about.

First, even short road trips need snacks and one of the goodies I put together was this delicious combination: Nilla wafers, lemon curd and raspberries. Just spread the lemon curd on the cookies, top with a raspberry and voilĂ !

Our first full day in Sedona started in uptown where we caught one of the 4x4 Jeep tours.

The tour led us out to "Diamondback Gulch" home to - what else - the Diamondback snakes. Here we are a bit higher up and outside of the Jeep enjoying the scenery...

We spent the rest of the day in the very touristy uptown which is surrounded by the great rock formations.

We ended the day at the Enchantment Resort which is located in a canyon outside of the city.

The entire resort is nestled in the red rocks, just heavenly!

Red Rock Martini and Prickly Pear Margarita ; )

Then it was back to Scottsdale for this happy duo : )

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