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Taylor Swift's new album Lover was released last week. This was an August album drop, however most of her other release dates have been right around my October birthday. In years past, I'd use it as an excuse to peruse the aisles of Target, stopping at the music section and putting the CD in my red Target basket (I was especially tickled pink when the Red album release day was on my actual birthday).
This year, for the very first time, I downloaded the album via iTunes on release day because, with a newborn and a six-year-old, solo Target shopping has become a luxury (I'm all Walmart Pick-Up and Whole Foods Prime Delivery these days). Driving through car line playing the album via Car Play, I smiled at how much life has changed. I'm often reminded of the quote I still remember the days I prayed for all the things I have now. Exactly ten years ago, that was me on my wedding day, so excited to be a wife and only dreaming of the day I would become a mom.

The quote pops into my head during those crazy mom moments, like two weeks ago when Parker knocked out his two front teeth and cried hysterically for a solid hour, waking Finn up from one of his already seemingly nonexistent naps. I put on a brave face, and willed myself to not faint because so much blood. As I tried to console Parker (who's front teeth were already a little loose and would have fallen out later this year anyway) while simultaneously nursing Finn, I felt this wave of happiness knowing that this moment right here was everything my younger self ever wanted. We Facetimed Max who was out in California on business, and I thought to myself that this was what ten years of marriage looks like 😂

Earlier this week, I mentioned to some friends that Max and I were about to celebrate our ten year anniversary. One of them commented that it was a huge accomplishment. As nice as that compliment was, it felt odd to receive because this anniversary doesn't seem like an accomplishment at all. As cheesy as it sounds, it feels like a gift. We've had ten years of health. That's ten years of enjoying this man I was so lucky to find. The one I'll never run out of things to talk about with, the one who wholeheartedly supports any endeavor I take on, the one who makes me smile every single day. 

So as Taylor Swift plays on repeat in the car during trips to piano and soccer practice this week, I'll be singing along:

I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings.

photo credit: Olivia Reed

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