Happy New (School) Year!

It's that time again! Yes, I have welcomed a new bunch of coconuts into Room 127:

I can't thank my husband enough for all of his help getting the room ready for my firsties. He did my entire Word Wall! Here's the beginning:

He also set up my projector and speaker and found a way to hide all the wires:

More Word Wall Work (Max measured out the space and made an algebraic equation to make sure everything was evenly spaced. I LOVE my engineer!):

The finished Word Wall and the newly labeled classroom library:

To the right the whiteboard:

Moving over more to my desk space in the corner:

The number wall Max put up last year stayed up well - yes!

Carpet area with the Math Wall:

Desks were ready for the first day:

Line-Up Songs by the door:

Did I mention I made the curtains to put behind my desk?

Because who wants to look at this:

When instead you can see this!

One of my teammates found these cute lil' labels for first day gifts:

I'm the first Star : )

Official First Day Photo!

It's going to be a great year!

The Big 6-0!

At the end of July, my father turned the big 6-0! My mom planned a surprise party in California for him and Max and I flew in for the day to celebrate : )

Heading over to set up with mom:

The restaurant:

Flower time:

Such a cute idea, mom!

Table setting:


The hubby and I were both the "official" photographers ; )

Dad with sister and cousins:

Cake time:

Happy couple : )

Sister and cousin:

Happy dad:

Sister and the boyfriend:

Family pic:

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Miss you already, mom and dad!
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