32 Week Bumpdate

We finished our three-part Birth Basics series this week. Lots of the content we already knew, but Max and I are on the same page regarding classes: if they offer even just a few new pieces of great information, it makes them worthwhile :) This last class concentrated on breathing during labor, pain coping techniques, and we ended with massage time courtesy of the daddys (hands down the best part!).

I'm keeping up with my prenatal yoga, which will hopefully help come delivery time as well! We'll do an intense one-day Birth Journey class next month and in the meantime I ordered a visualizations and affirmations audio CD. I'm sure I'm supposed to be listening to it on the couch at home, however when it arrived in the mail I was so excited that I popped it in my car's CD player for my ride to school. Big mistake - all the peaceful instrumental music almost made me fall asleep! The CD should come with some sort of warning to not be played in the car!

Max took off to chilly D.C. this week for a business trip, and before leaving in the morning he rubbed my tummy to say good-bye to baby. Baby kicked back and so daddy pushed again and they had a little game. It was darling!

One of my coworkers brought a tuna sandwich for lunch this week. Upon seeing it I had to have one. I seriously went to the grocery store on my way home so I could make one right away. Tuna is unfortunately on the "limit" list for preggers because of the high mercury content, so I had to pace myself at just two sandwiches over the next two days. Had tuna not been on the list, I'd probably be having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

Feeling BIG! Oh, so BIG! It's en effort to get out of bed (something I do probably seven times a night on my way to the restroom) and Max has (ever jokingly and lovingly) pointed out it's like a semi-truck trying to do a wide turn. Despite the fact that I feel huge, I do forget how big I actually am now. Case in point: I was getting out of my car, ready to head into the classroom and I slammed my car door into my stomach. As in, my belly was protruding so much it got in the way of the path of the door.

Baby is loving cheeseburgers these days. Mmmmm. Also, cheese quesadillas and Twizzlers. Last night I dreamt about ice cream - literally, a whole dream all about going to Baskin Robbins and choosing which flavors for my sugar cone. As demonstrated by my food dream, I've been extra hungry this week. I'll eat a meal and an hour later I'm ready for another one. I'm guessing this is because the bean is now growing at the rate of half a pound per week! Wow!

Max has taken to wearing earplugs to bed because I have started snoring so loudly. Oops. It's one of those not-so-lovely pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately, we're going to have to search for another solution because Max woke up to my snoring the other night even with the earplugs in!

7 Months Down, 2 Months to Go!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +26 lbs. (equivalent to carrying around three bowling balls all day everyday!)

Maternity Clothes: We finally have cold weather here in Scottsdale so I’m having fun rocking maternity sweaters, maternity leggings and warm boots!

Cravings: Sparkling water with lemon! My sweet husby bought me a Soda Stream for Christmas so I can now carbonate my own water at home! Our lemon tree is giving us tons of lemons right now, so I’m set!

Movement: Our little night owl likes to kick daddy and wake him up in the middle of the night! We laugh that baby’s not even born yet, and already he or she is preventing us from sleeping.

Aversions: None! Staying hydrated is helping keep away the third trimester nausea.

Symptoms: Back pain (especially at night) and my first Braxton Hicks contractions!

What I Miss: Being able to do the dishes comfortably. My belly bumps into the counter and I can’t reach our soap dish!  

Best Moment: My beautiful California Baby Shower thrown by my sweet mom and sisters. It was so wonderful to celebrate Baby Klein with friends and family.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Nesting! With the holidays over, I have big plans to organize the house and prepare the baby’s room!


Bumpdate: 3/4 Baked!

It was back to school this week, which meant back to teaching my sweet kinders, firsties and second graders. I got a lot of: "Mrs. Klein your baby has grown!"... "Mrs. Klein your baby is so cute!"... and even "Mrs. Klein I want to kiss your baby!" 

Our first Birth Basics class went well. We learned that hydration directly impacts the amount of amniotic fluid available for baby, and that dehydration is the number one cause of pre-term labor. I was very glad I had brought a big tumbler of water to class :) Max (as always) impressed the instructor with his observations and questions. Whenever we meet someone new (nurse practitioner, obstetrician, technician) they always assume he's in the medical field because his questions are so technical. We have to say no, he's not that type of doctor, but he did become an EMT on the side just for fun. Our Birth Basics instructor informed me that my husband was very astute and should have been a physician instead of a Ph.D. ; )


Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

I definitely got a bit teary eyed when then clock stuck midnight on New Year's Eve and I realized that this would be the year we meet baby! We're preparing by starting our series of Birth Basics classes this week - I can't wait! 

A very special thank you to baby daddy this week for being so understanding and calm while living with a pregnant, hormonal wifey :)

Showered With Love: California Edition

While we were out in California for Christmas, my super thoughtful mom and sisters gave Baby Klein a wonderful luncheon shower at Il Fornaio restaurant at The Sainte Claire hotel in downtown San Jose: 

On my way to the shower!

The super cute invite: 

The table was beautiful! 

My mom even used the same florist that did our wedding flowers! So special! 

And my sister Michelle made the tasty party favor cookies. They were tiny baby onesies and so adorable! 

The yummy menu: 

Fun Baby Klein banner:

My amazing mom: 

And fantastic sisters: 

Rachel and I are buddies from grad school and our little buddies will be 10 weeks apart! 

High school friends who knew me when I just liked to pretend I was pregnant (I just always thought maternity clothes were soooo cute!)

Such sweet guests, and lovely delicious lunch!

Guess the belly game! 

Baby Klein's diaper cake! 

My sister got to practice being an auntie! 

Baby Klein was spoiled with presents...

We are so very blessed and thankful to everyone! 

And, the perfect ending to the fabulous shower... sooooo pretty and tasty!! 


Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

Hello, third trimester! I feel like my belly is growing by the second

Like some sort of magic clock, this week my body turned on "uncomfortable" mode. I always thought it was odd that third trimester symptoms included being uncomfortable while sitting. I mean, what could be more comfortable than sitting? I get it now: it's back pain. Ouch. It comes on if I sit too long and also just throughout the day. I'm also getting late morning bouts of nausea again, boo! I'd like to remind my body that that's a first trimester symptom and I'll pass, thank you very much. 

Baby continues to be a night owl, moving and grooving at all hours of the night. One morning this week, Max woke up to baby kicking him in the belly while I was still sleeping :) 

We had the pleasure of flying first class both to and from California for our family Christmas (thank you business travel reward points!). On the way back we had the sweetest flight attendant who wanted to know all about baby. We made note that this was our last flight as a family of 2.5! I'm counting on our first flight as a family of three to be a thousand times more difficult! 
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