Parenting Is Messy

This post is sponsored by Armor All but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Raise you hand if you've ever changed a diaper out of the back of your car? Fed a toddler a chicken nugget meal in his car seat? Spilled coffee all over the driver's side and center console? I'm guilty of all this and more.

My car is the hub of everything - some days I feel like we're in and out of it a million times - and with carline, errands, meetings, soccer practice, piano lessons, grocery shopping, and play dates, we pretty much are! Keeping on top of a clean car is a daily challenge, but luckily there's an affordable and convenient solution to the mobile messes that moms face every day: Armor All wipes.

These wipes are quick, convenient, and can be used on the whole car. The glass wipes are perfect for getting the windows next to the carseats - mine are usually full of teeny, tiny handprints. (And let's be honest, sometimes teeny tiny mouth prints, too!) The cleaning wipes get the dirt and grime (hello post-tee ball practice six-year-old touching all the things), and the protectant ones revitalize the vinyl, rubber and plastic. Parenting is messy, but with Armor All, it's easy to look good.

Use my code 15AMANDADOT for 15% off the Armor All car wipes three pack on Amazon, which includes cleaning wipes, protectant wipes, and glass wipes. What's the biggest mess you've made in the car? 


  1. Love this post! Will definitely apply this for my car's next cleaning! Thanks!

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