WDW Day Three | Epcot

Our third straight Walt Disney World park day was our Epcot day. After hitting The Magic Kingdom hard for two days in a row, Epcot was a nice change of pace. Because we planned to get the most out of each day, we opted not to do a park hopper, and just did two dedicated days to The Magic Kingdom and one to Epcot. Had we stayed longer, I would have loved to have added Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom - but for us, The Magic Kingdom and Epcot (and a four night stay) was perfect (there's always next time!).

I had read to allow 40 minutes to travel from The Contemporary Hotel to Epcot via the Monorail (there is a train change involved). Even first thing in the morning, I'd say this was pretty accurate (figure in security checks, waiting for trains, standing in line to enter the park). We left our room around 8AM, and were under the geodesic dome waiting for rope drop by 8:50AM. 

The Veggie | Vegan Delivery Review

There are tons of benefits to plant based eating. All the recent studies seem to be pointing to the same conclusion - healthy eating is being redefined as more plants, less animal products. Belgium recently released an updated food pyramid which lists meat as a junk food, and we all probably have a connection to a friend (or friend of a friend) whose vegan lifestyle has cured some persistent illness or health issue. I'm not a novice to veggie-friendly eating, having spent nine whole years of my life as a vegetarian.

Life Lately - Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day this year came right off a week plus of illness, right when we were getting back into the swing of things. I feel like we were still a bit slow-going, but so happy to be celebrating my very favorite holiday. I saved up all the valentines that Parker had received in the mail and put them out for him on Valentine's Day morning along with his pink pancake breakfast.

Coffee + Donuts

Cheers to Friday! I love a bright, happy donut to make a Friday (or any day) just a bit more special.

WDW Day Two | The Magic Kingdom

Below is how Parker felt after our first full day at Walt Disney World. We tried to let him sleep as long as we could on day two, then fed him a quick in-room breakfast of milk and yogurt before heading off around 8:30AM so we could experience rope drop at The Magic Kingdom just like the day before.

Five on Friday - Sick Week Edition

What a week! Parker has been out sick from school since last Friday (coughing, fever, the whole nine yards), and Max has been away on business travel. I literally sent Max this bitmoji on Wednesday:

Sausage & Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers | Gluten Free + Dairy Free

We recently joined a new CSA at a local, sustainable "permaculture" farm. It's a year-round program, so right now we're receiving lots of amazing meat! One of our items was pork sausage, and the farm suggested using it to make stuffed peppers. I searched around and adapted a few different recipes to make the dish below. The filling was so flavorful, I didn't even add the cheese that most of the recipes suggested, so these are completely gluten free and dairy free. While the sausage/mushroom combination makes them super rich and tasty, I feel that they're still a "light meal" since they don't have the heaviness of dairy. 

WDW Day One | The Magic Kingdom

When I was planning our Disney trip, I read every blog post I could find about visiting the park (both normal lifestyle/family blogs, and the dedicated Disney blogs as well). I wanted to know everything - How many rides could we get in before our Fast Passes started? How long would it take to travel from our hotel to Epcot? What were the best restaurants? So, while it's fun to recap our days at Walt Disney world for our own sake, I also want to share our experience and what we learned for anyone out there planning a trip of their own.

Walt Disney World | The Prep & The Travel

As a California girl, I grew up going to Disneyland. A trip there could be planned on a whim - the day before even. The prospect of Disney World was daunting. There were so many parks, and hotels, and restaurants, and rules - but when we decided last summer that we wanted to do a family trip to Disney World, I started researching like it was my job.

Five February Favorites

Welcome, February! Valentine's Day is by far my favorite holiday, so over here we're ready for everything pink, red, and heart-shaped - starting with almond butter and sprinkle sandwiches for lunch 😉
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