To get ready for the honeymoon (and the diving we'll do there!) we rented a SCUBA tank this weekend to practice in the pool! We went in after dark to simulate a Night Dive, which was not at all scary in the pool, however I am still left with reservations about jumping into the actual ocean when it's pitch black (even the divers on the Discovery Channel said Night Dives are scary!). Night Dives aside, we are totally excited to jump into the water again and get some good looks at corals, rays, and (eek!) even sharks!

Me (very cautious with my 10 months of dive experience, and trying not to flash Max in the face again with the light cannon):

Max (much more adventurous with almost 10 years of diving under his belt):


Fixing the Pool Light

Max and I put our snorkeling gear to work yesterday in an attempt to check out our broken pool light. It was working when we moved in, but has since then stopped turning on which leaves us with a dark pool at night. First, my safety-conscious future-husband turned off the power outside and then disconnected the wiring to the light. Next, Max went underwater and unscrewed the base to remove a waterproof light housing connected by insulated wire. Further examination (opening the light) revealed that the inside was a-okay (dry and intact) so the connection was our problem. Max concluded that a completely new light fixture with new wiring should do just the trick.

This is when I got to jump in and help by going underwater to the space where the light goes in (we discovered it’s called the “niche”) to read and report the sticker with the model number we would need for a new light!

Max finished with more underwater maintenance screwing the old (non-functioning) light back in. We are now on the lookout for a brand new light fixture and are looking forward to more home projects together!


These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Last week Max and I decided to combine our love of our movie projector, yummy food and our new pool by dining in the pool while watching a Tonight Show rerun. Below is a photo of my engineer setting it all up. I am one lucky fiancee!

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