We Are Homeowners!!!

A Guest Post from the Hubby...

On Friday, everything went through in escrow just in time, with us signing at our rental house at 7am, and the official recording happening just before 5pm (with a few screw-ups from the mortgage company in between, but nothing we couldn't handle).

(Mande's comment: this meant we got our house just in time for the first day of spring!)

We packed up my car with a first load (mostly of tools for repairs) and enough clothes to camp out in for the very first night as homeowners (which still sounds soooo crazy!). When we got to the house, we had a welcoming committee of two of the neighborhood families. They had chalked the street and our driveway with welcome messages, including a "Welcome Max and Mande, Turn Here" street marking and "Casa Klein" driveway, plus paw prints from Bob the Bobcat, a neighborhood favorite. I got to once again carry my bride across the threshold into this next chapter of our lives.

(Mande's comment: that chapter is a busy one with both of us working, moving across town, and all of the plans for the new house!)

(Mande's comment: Max loves that you can do donuts in the driveway!)

We think the missing number adds character, don't you?


A House With Stairs

One of my students today overheard me tell another teacher that we are closing on our house soon. "What is closing?" she asked, and I explained that we are buying a house. "You're moving?" asked another, and I said yes. Then silence (this is very rare in Kindergarten). Finally, (from another student) "But who's going to watch us?" I realized that my precious little ones thought I would be leaving them! I assured the class that I would still be at school everyday, and that Dr. Klein and I would still be living very close, we were just going to a bigger house. "A house with stairs?" (I adore their Kinder minds.) "Yes, a house with stairs!" This was followed by lots of oohs and aahs, although I think Max and I are just as excited at the prospect of "a house with stairs" ; )
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