Powder Bath Makeover: Part One

Tackling the powder bath has been my first house project of the summer. When we moved in, our little half bath off the front entrance left something to be desired:

Enter a new (non brass) light fixture (thank you Max for installing) :

A fancy schmancy dimmer and GFI outlet (again my husband was the mastermind on this part and even made sure the dimmer was radio controlled which means that we can program it to turn on, or even just push a button from a remote control!):

And tone on tone stripes courtesy of yours truly (plus leftover paint from Fast Eddie who painted our house when we first moved in):

Now, it may seem like the stripes were easy to put up (as my old kinders would say, "Easy peasy lemon squeezey") but I ran into a few bumps in the road trying to make my vision reality. After measuring, outlining with a level and then taping where I wanted the lines, I realized that we have textured walls which meant tape alone wouldn't cut it (the textured areas would allow the dark paint color to seep through and result in bumpy lines).

I tried technique number one of painting over the tape with the background wall color before adding the darker color but still got bumpy lines. No good.

On to technique number two: caulking each line of tape.

Bingo! This left crisp lines save for a few spots that needed a slight touch up : ) But it did mean that I had to go over every inch of tape with the caulking gun, then scrape off the excess before even painting - whew!

In the end, we ended up with a much cleaner, crisper looking powder bath.

More details are in the works for part two, including adding a frame to the mirror! Oh, and reinstalling the toilet of course which was taken out when the hardwood floors were added. And putting in the baseboards, which you might have noticed are still lacking. For now I just love walking by and seeing the sweet stripes peeking out : )


Family Trip to Vegas!

To celebrate Max's sister's 21st birthday, Max's mom planned a Vegas vacation for everyone!

The fabulous birthday girl, Meredith:

Sunset from the Voodoo Lounge:

Gambling and losing, gambling and wining:

Love at the Mirage (What a show!):

Back "home" at the Venetian:

Thank you Dana for a million memories and a fantastic trip!
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