It's the Day!

It's the day! It's the day! Exactly five years ago today, we were doing this:

Married life. It's been five years of smiles,

Five years of travels, 

 Five years of dinners,

 And drinks,

Five years of happy.

And today?? Today we we will be here!

The exact place where Max whisked me away to when he proposed. I didn't even think we would see each other for our anniversary. And now, this! Max has arranged for us to rendezvous in Mexico. It's like out of a movie. Talk about thoughtful. Talk about romantic. Talk about the most incredible surprise. The icing on the cake?? We will also be here:

Under the turquoise waters scuba diving. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. A million thank-yous to my husby!! My husby of exactly five years :) 

PCK 17 Months

This month has brought so much change! I feel like every day Parker is doing something new, or is changing physically. I literally looked down at his hands the other day and thought Who’s hands are these?? They were just so BIG; they couldn’t possibly belong to my baby. Then last week, I watched as the outfits which were too big the week before were suddenly fitting – and snugly! Major growth spurt over here. All of a sudden my baby is looking like a little boy. I had heard that babies change at 18-months, and that that would bring the “language explosion” – well Parker must be one month early because it’s all happening now!

Hair: Parker had his first haircut at a real shop! Most of the time Parker’s hair looks dark blonde but often I see a red tint! 

Diapers: We are finally using our Huggies Little Movers Size Fours

Clothes: Size 18-month, and 18-24month in jams 

Health: We have one healthy little man! Even with all our travel, Parker’s only fevers have ever been from teething! Speaking of teething, poor little guy has been cutting his molars, ouch.

Sleep: Still taking two naps a day and sleeping through the night, about eleven hours (usually 8pm-7am)

Diet: Loving fruit (especially blackberries), and anything he can ninja from mommy (he cracks me up when he eats my salads; it’s adorable)  

Likes: The big like this month? Belly buttons!! Parker is obsessed! All during the day he will pick up one of his two belly button books and bring it over, tapping on his belly and so excited. He wants to look at his own belly button, and he wants to see everyone else’s, too! He loves to blow raspberries on bellies like I do to him.

Parker continues to love music and wants to have it on all. the. time. He does a little shimmy shake when it comes on, or in the car seat when he hears a song he likes and I get such the kick out of it!

He also loves being sung to. Every time I put him down to sleep, we read in his rocking chair and then I sing to him. He looks up at me and signs “more” over and over and my heart completely melts.  

Parker can’t get enough FaceTime with his dada. He will grab the phone and kiss his daddy’s face on the screen, and will even take the phone and try to go snuggle with it.

Social: Parker will crack us up at restaurants – all he wants to do it be put down to wander the tables and wave to everyone. It’s too darling for words. He pretty much waves at anyone he sees. People in cars when we go on walks, desk attendants at the airport, cashiers at the grocery store… Parker has also started doing the funniest thing thing – when I ask him for kisses now, he bends his head down so I can kiss his forehead. Melt my heart. He is very conservative with the kisses he gives out, though!

Parker’s current favorite game is Peek-a-Boo. He will play by hiding behind the curtains, or crawling under the table, or just covering his face with his hands.

Parker lets us know when he wants to be held by coming over and saying “uh-puh” (up). I try each time to get him to add a “please” to this, but he apparently thinks it’s just superfluous. Hoping to get “please” up in the mix soon – I can get him to make a “plsssss” sometimes…

Milestones: Parker’s vocabulary is expanding by the second! His favorite spoken words right now are stop (for stop signs) and airplane (though they sound like “o-p” and “ay-puh”). It’s adorable watching him get super animated when he sees a stop sign or a plane – he will excitedly point to it and say the name. He also loves to point out cats in books (“ki-tty”) and recognizes my keys (“keeeeeesssss”). He sounds just like Donald Duck when he says hole – it’s so funny! His spoken vocabulary is at about twenty words and he understands countless words and phrases. His signed vocabulary is consisting of milk, hot, more and bird.

Parker continues to love making text-to-self connections when reading, and surprised us one day by pointing to the bed in a book and then to his crib (he now does this every time he sees a bed in a book, ha!). He of course still loves books in general and can be found any time of the day sorting through his book bins for his current choice and running it over to me to read to him.

Parker’s most random interest this month? Our freezer. He walks over to it and says “ah-pen” (open), and once I open it he proceeds to play with the ice, picking up random pieces and putting them back.

Firsts: First time visiting Alabama to go see daddy! This was also Parker’s longest flight so far. It was a long day of travel for mamma and Parker but we made it cross-country! Parker also went on his first amusement park ride at the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk with his Omi and SheShe, and had his first haircut at a real shop.

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