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I've been a diligent library goer for the past few years, ever since I discovered online holds. Last month, however, I found myself actually purchasing not just one but three different books. The Immoralists was on a whim after I read about it in O magazine (or maybe it was Real Simple?). Pretty Mess I figured my library would never offer, so I pre-ordered that one via Amazon. And, I had been waiting for my library hold to come up for The Wife Between Us for months, finally lost my patience and picked it up on a Costco run, then was promptly offered the book by the library the very next day, go figure.
So that's how I found myself with three new books, and the Marie Kondo in my head is already prompting me to get rid of them (it's back to library check-outs for me for sure). So, on to my reviews (and if you're local and interested, I'll totally hand off any of these reads to you). 

1. First up, The Immortalists. This book was unlike anything I've been reading lately, and really unlike anything I've ever read before.

Amazon Synopsis:

It's 1969 in New York City's Lower East Side, and word has spread of the arrival of a mystical woman, a traveling psychic who claims to be able to tell anyone the day they will die. The Gold children—four adolescents on the cusp of self-awareness—sneak out to hear their fortunes.

The prophecies inform their next five decades. Golden-boy Simon escapes to the West Coast, searching for love in '80s San Francisco; dreamy Klara becomes a Las Vegas magician, obsessed with blurring reality and fantasy; eldest son Daniel seeks security as an army doctor post-9/11; and bookish Varya throws herself into longevity research, where she tests the boundary between science and immortality.

A sweeping novel of remarkable ambition and depth, The Immortalists probes the line between destiny and choice, reality and illusion, this world and the next. It is a deeply moving testament to the power of story, the nature of belief, and the unrelenting pull of familial bonds.

This book read almost like four completely separate stories. The San Francisco portions in particular pulled at my heart strings as the landmarks and streets were familiar, though the content (The Castro in the 1980's at the brink of the AIDS epidemic) was not. The book presents a case for self-fulfilling prophecies and the idea of mind over matter. It's technically a book about death, but doesn't read morbid or sad. None of the characters are particularly likable, which I think helps in keeping your distance and objectivity as a reader. 

Amazon: 4/5 
My Rating: 4/5 

2. Pretty Mess was my next read, because who wouldn't want Housewives fluff after reading something so serious. 

Amazon Synopsis:

Erika spills on every aspect of her life: from her rise to fame as a daring and fiery pop/dance performer and singer; to her decision to accept a role on reality television; to the ups and downs of family life (including her marriage to famed lawyer Tom Girardi, thirty-three years her senior). There’s much more to Erika Jayne than fans see on The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsPretty Mess is her opportunity to dig deep and tell her many-layered, unique, and inspiring life story.

The Real Housewives is so my guilty pleasure (that I justify because I always watch while folding laundry ­čśé). I adore Erika Girardi on the show. She has a fascinating story, is flawlessly gorgeous, and is incredibly well spoken. I listened to an interview with her on a podcast recently, and she spoke to this, asserting: You have to have an economy of words. Less said is best said. She shared that this was learned from her husband, a successful attorney (also 33 years her senior - told you, fascinating story). Unfortunately, the book read nothing like her personality. This isn't even a knock on her, as she was very open about having a co-author writing. I brought the book to bed one night and Max asked what I was reading, so I replied (embarrassed) A book written for a third grader, by a third grader. This interested him greatly and he wanted to know more - was it the content? The writing? At the time (early in the story) I was commenting on the actual writing - it was simple sentence after simple sentence. But upon finishing the book, I was super disappointed at how surface level and superficial it all was. It's ironic that in life, her mantra is less said is best said, while this entire book was pages and pages of saying nothing. She does share some anecdotes from growing up, but is very vague about her marriage, the housewives, and so many other aspects of her life. 

Amazon: 3.3/5
My Rating: 2/5

3. Finally, The Wife Between Us. Y'all. I have been waiting and waiting to read this one and it did not disappoint.

Amazon Synopsis:

When you read this book, you will make many assumptions.
You will assume you are reading about a jealous ex-wife.
You will assume she is obsessed with her replacement – a beautiful, younger woman who is about to marry the man they both love.
You will assume you know the anatomy of this tangled love triangle.
Assume nothing. 
Twisted and deliciously chilling, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen's The Wife Between Us exposes the secret complexities of an enviable marriage - and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love.

I finished this book in a day and a half. I could not put it down. If you're a fan of Gone Girl, The Last Mrs. Parrish, and Behind Closed Doors, you'll love this book. 

Amazon: 4.2/5
My Rating: 4.6/5

What have you been reading? Also, for reasons to pick up a book (including increased longevity and creativity), click on this super short article.



  1. I've been on the list for The Last Mrs. Parrish and The Wife Between us at my library for months and of course I came up on the list for both this week, ugh! Never going to happen. I picked Last Mrs. Parrish (which I am loving BTW) but now I'm getting FOMO for The Wife Between Us! Why does this feel like such a big deal? :) Have a great weekend, girl!

    1. Without giving too much away, they are very similar - and both soooo good ­čôľ

  2. This makes me want to read The Wife Between Us! Thanks for sharing your recent reads! That's too bad about the book by Erika.

    1. The Wife Between Us has been my favorite in a while!! ­čÖî­čĆ╗

  3. I've heard The Wife Between Us is an amazing read! I need to order it soon and see what the hype is all about!


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