Seventh Year, Here I Come!

Today I finished my sixth year of teaching : ) Granted, the last two years were not full years as I swooped in after the school years had already started, but it was my sixth last day of school. That means six different end-of-year parties, six different last sets of report cards, and six different closing circles complete with tears - mine and the students! This was my first year teaching first grade, however, and I sent my darling firsties out in these cute graduation headbands:

The younger grades are just so much fun! This was also the first time in three years that I haven't had to pack up my classroom! Yes, after moving my fourth grade classroom from California to Arizona two years ago, and having to pack up my kinder classroom last year, I am once again able to stay in the same place and the same grade level! I was very lucky that no one snatched my position in the draft, and I feel so blessed that my school has asked me back! I officially signed my contract last week which means come August I'll start my seventh year of teaching! Though, it will only be my fifth first day of school ; )

Our Graduate!

We were so excited to fly back east this past weekend to join Max's mom in celebrating his sister, Meredith. Meredith knocked our socks off graduating magna cum laude from Tufts University in majors International Relations and French, with an Arabic minor to boot. Talented? Oui!

We were able to attend the baccalaureate ceremony the day before graduation and heard a lovely message that was applicable to us, too. It touched upon the importance of being in a job that was challenging, and one that fulfilled a purpose in which you believed. It was so nice to be able to reflect and note that Max and I are both in places where we can say this is true.

The graduation addresses the next day were appropriately aimed at the students, warning them of the dire economy and encouraging them to persevere in finding their first out-of-college job. We had the pleasure of watching sister Meredith sit back and relax during these times, having already snagged a fabulous job in her field. (I mean, who wouldn't be fighting to get this trilingual dazzler?) So, one last cheer for Meredith! We love you!


Royal Watch 2011

I'm totally on William/Catherine Royal Watch - I'm loving any news I can get my hand on! I of course watched the actual wedding live:

Max thought I was kidding when I said I was setting my alarm to 2:45am to watch it but he should have known better ; ) Sitting there in the middle of the night, crisscross on the couch in the den in my glasses and pajamas and knowing that it was all happening at that very instant was like nothing else! I loved every minute!

I was so excited to find the UK's Daily Mail website that has all the up-to-date information on the now Duchess of Cambridge. Like this photos that I'm just waiting to pop up in Us Weekly's "Stars - They're Just Like Us" section.

Apparently Kate is pushing what the Brits call a "trolley" - gotta love their slang. That one's right up there with "pram" for stroller, "kip" for nap and "downstairs" for underwater.

The Duke and Duchess have also announced that their first international travel will be to my native California! Be good to them, California!


These are the things in our neighborhood...

Max and I went out for a neighborhood photo shoot Saturday evening. I was in search of neat desert plant life like this saguaro in our front yard. The needles are serious - they are the size and firmness of toothpicks!

Max was more interested in the animal life and caught this great photo of a finch in one of our trees.

Many of the cacti are in bloom right now!

We ventured out to some other yards and spotted this prickly pear cactus in bloom.


I'm still trying to figure out this whole SLR thing, but I'm having so much fun in the process!

When we returned home, the neighborhood bobcat was waiting for us. No joke. It was a little startling and after some photos we thought it would be best to head inside and end the nature walk ; )


Mother's Day Love

To our sweet mamas in California...

...and Texas...

Happy Mother's Day! We wish we were with you today!

Silly Me!

May is an oh-so busy time in the life of a teacher. There are the report cards to finish, the end-of-year party to plan, the student gifts to make:

(I'm filling sand pails à la last year)

Finally, there are the parent volunteer thank-you goodies to give out. I decided to make little treat bags filled with cinnamon bears labeled: Thank You "Beary" Much ; )

Last week I ordered said cinnamon bears online. When I opened the box this weekend, I pulled out a surprise:

Yep, nestled in my six pounds of bears were two bags of candy corn. I was sure it was a mistake, but when I looked up my emailed receipt, there it was on my order: 2 pounds of candy corn. Then my mind wandered back to October when I was browsing for candy corn online, before just picking up some locally. Apparently I placed the bags in my virtual "shopping cart" and they stayed there until I went back to the site in search for the bears last week. My (not so) watchful eye just missed the fact that I was ordering them. So now I have Halloween candy in May. Candy corn, anyone?
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