This sweet soul turned seven years old yesterday. Even just last week, we thought this day would look a lot different...
We assumed he would go to school and bring in cupcakes for his class... that he'd have piano lessons in the afternoon, and that we'd do his traditional sushi dinner out that night (Dada was originally scheduled to fly to Las Vegas after the dinner, but a few weeks ago that changed before anything else when conferences were starting to be cancelled). Never in a million years would I have guessed that schools would be closed nation-wide, that we'd be doing distance learning this day, that restaurants would be curbside pick-up and delivery only, that friends and family in California would literally be doing "shelter in place" and that a global pandemic would have been announced. I feel like even before this, Max and I had both been acutely aware of how precious health is - and all we can hope for is that social distancing and quarantines are going to save lives and allow for the care that's needed.

What's crazy to think is that, as of last week, things were *relatively* normal - so much so, that we still hosted Parker's small party at Top Golf. He insisted on a "chess themed" party with golf - combining his two very favorite things. 

I feel like there's a real possibility that this was the first ever "chess themed" kids party 😂 When my efforts to convince Parker to change to Star Wars didn't work, I got creative to make it work. But really, a chess theme perfectly captures our PCK right now and I'm so glad he was insistent. 

By the time this past Wednesday rolled around though, our world had literally changed. We played up the awesome bonus of a birthday at home - pajamas all day! And we began with our tradition of donut breakfast in bed. This started some years ago when Parker read about breakfast in bed in a book. He thought it was the best idea ever, but we told him it was for a special occasion like a birthday, thinking he'd forget all about it since his birthday was still months and months away. Of course he remembered and I'm sure we will still be doing this when he's in high school. 

We had a special birthday lunch of Domaine South delivered, and enjoyed lots and lots of FaceTime calls plus outdoor play and a walk around the neighborhood (but Parker said his favorite part of the day was opening presents, haha!). Our favorite babysitter even delivered macarons (one of P's faves!) and a birthday card, and wished him Happy Birthday from across our yard (because #socialdistancing y'all).

Max picked up take-out sushi for dinner. Fun fact - Parker has picked sushi on his birthday now for his past six birthdays (yes, starting when he was two!!). His favorites: tuna, yellowtail and salmon nigiri.

We did a five-way FaceTime with our Arizona Boys Club for a very special round of Happy Birthday!

And now for our yearly interview...

What is your name?
Parker Campbell Klein

What is your age?

What is your favorite thing to do? 
Play. Any game.

Do you have any nicknames? 
Umm, yes. P.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
A yogurt shop man.

What makes you happy? 

What do you like to learn about? 
Human body. 

What makes you sad? 

What do you do well? 

Where was your favorite place we visited this year? 
Grand Cayman because I love it there. 

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? 
Maybe Germany because they have fast cars.

What would you buy with a million dollars? 
Nothing, I would not buy anything; I would save it.

What do you like about going to the symphony? 
Hearing the music.

What do you like about going to hockey games? 
The "Hey" song! Hey! Daaa, naaaa naaaa na na. Hey!

What were your favorite presents this year?  
Chess clock 

Where do you want to attend college?
Stanford or where you went (UCSB).


Instrument: Violin because I like playing it. I did violin lessons for ten days at Randolph School.

Song: Celebration (Kool and The Gang) and Good Day (Nappy Roots)

Color: Red

Food: Brownies

Friends: Ava and William

Restaurant: Little Rosie's

Movie: Maybe Spies in the Skies, the last one (we watched)

Book: Harriet the Hamster series

Toy: My new present, Money Bags.

Show: Trolls the Beat Goes On

Happy seven, PCK!


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