National CSA Day and More!

1. It's national CSA Sign-Up Day!
I only have wonderful things to say about belonging to Community Supported Agriculture. From supporting the surrounding farmers, to learning about and eating new fruits and veggies, to the fun experience of preparing and cooking with all the produce - CSA season is awesome! The above photo was from one of our late spring baskets last year, and I just can't wait to start getting weekly, local produce again. It's an especially fantastic experience to share with little ones! Click here to look for a CSA in your area! 

2. This darling paper floral garland made it into my cart at Target on Monday this week, and since then, I've seen it popping up all over the blogosphere! Yesterday, I saw it styled here and had to recreate the look. Adorbs, no? And it certainly fits the post-Valentine's, pre-March decorating limbo I'm currently experiencing. 

3. Also darling? This original piece by PCK. Watercolor on paper, probably with a few food crumbs sprinkled in. 

 Parker loves arts and crafts, just like his Mama!
(similar letter stamps found here)

 4. Speaking of the little guy, this is us yesterday after touring Parker's new school! Yep, we made it final and registered Sweet P for half-day pre-k, three times a week starting in the fall. He's clutching his confirmation copy, and being so brave! I can tell he was really excited about the school and the classrooms, but also a bit apprehensive - after all, this will be the very first time he's been left anywhere. I'm totally stoked with our decision though - the school is outdoor based and even teaches Spanish and Mandarin! Plus, Parker already won over the teachers with his sweet chitchat, explaining to them that he would be starting in the fall. When they commented that he knew about the seasons, he continued with "It's winter. Next comes spring! The flowers will bloom and the leaves grow on the trees!"
I'm seriously so excited for him to have this experience. Also, even though it's half day, he will be doing lunch there! So of course I'm already searching cute monogram-able options

5. Finally, it's the day!! Fuller House is premiering on Netflix!! I loved the sneak peek from this blogger who's on the Netflix Stream Team. Actually, Fuller House was available starting at midnight, so who knows if I started binge watching the thirteen episodes right away, and if I'm still on a roll???
I actually was asleep well before that, but it's safe to say I'll be on a viewing spree whenever Parker is napping!

Happy Weekend, friends!



Last week, I confessed that I slept in Max's robe the entire time he was out of town on business. I could have also thrown in there that I did so with a big bowl of popcorn propped up next to me and reality television playing on my computer. Thank goodness husby is home ;) This week, I'm linking up to an actual Confessions series. I think the idea is too darling! Here goes...

1. Sometimes it's twenty-something degrees when I need to take the trash out or bring the cans to the curb. Instead of throwing on a coat, I go as-is and pretend I'm in one of those cryogenic chambers like on The Real Housewives. I'm convinced it's doing all sorts of fantastic things for my body and skin.

2. I started going to Pure Barre last fall because I couldn't fit into my pants. I'm not talking about my pre-pregnancy pants. I've deemed those a lost cause; they are boxed and stored up in the attic in the rare instance I contract mono or a really bad stomach flu and miraculously drop three sizes overnight. No, the pants I couldn't zip were from my post-pregnancy, "this is my new size and I'm accepting it" wardrobe. I couldn't fit into those pants. Bad News Bears. I was not about to go out and spend money on a third, bigger wardrobe, so off to Pure Barre I went! 

That's me! Bonus, at PB you get to wear leggings, and those always fit!

3. I only ever drive Max if I'm taking him to or from the airport for International business travel. Other than that, if he's in the car, he's the driver. Even if it's my car (which most of the time, if we're going somewhere as a family, we're in my vehicle because it's not a sports car). I like feeling that I'm being taken care of, plus he's a way better driver. And, he backs my car into the garage after driving it - score for when it's my turn to drive!

4. Since we're still semi-new to our area, I find myself filling out paperwork all the time (new doctors, new dentists, etc.). I cringe whenever I get to the "Occupation" box. As a Stay At Home Mom, just what am I supposed to put down? Homemaker? Housewife? I visited a new optometrist this week, and I swear I almost wrote in "Former Professional Ice Cream Scooper/Retired Teacher" :) Both true, I just didn't have enough space. Maybe next time if the box is bigger.

Thoughts for Thursday


Thursday Thoughts...

Max has been in California's Bay Area on business all week, but (lucky me!) I had this adorable face to keep me company!

This sweet little guy was also my date for Valentine's Day since Daddy was out-of-town. Don't worry, Max and I got a romantic dinner in last Friday before he took off for San Francisco. I basically ate my weight in fondue at The Melting Pot, and it was fabulous.

We also did a family day-date out to see the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra rehearse. They offer $5 tickets to their scheduled practice the morning before any performance.

Since it was open seating, we wandered up to the balcony to check out the view. We've been to several events at this venue, but had never had seats up high. It was a totally different experience to get to see the entire stage! I think the next time we attend a performance there, we'll try out the balcony! 

On Sunday (Valentine's Day!), Parker and I were on our own so we did a fancy lunch out, where he asked the waiter for "Fruit with cherries. Lots of cherries!"

And we made an impromptu trip to Whole Foods Sunday night to pick up some fresh fruit. Parker is in pajams because he insists on napping in pajams every single day. Yep, he's an 80 year-old-man at heart. Anyway, lots of times I'll just leave his pajams on after he wakes up if we're not leaving the house (or, lol, even if we are leaving the house like here!). 

It was a cold and super rainy week here in Alabama, so lots of indoor activities were on the agenda. Playdough (plus straws and dried pasta)...

Playroom shenanigans...

And a new activity: colored water + medicine droppers + egg crates + cotton balls. Sounds crazy, but Little Man was obsessed. I used our liquid watercolors, but food coloring would work, too.

There was also this morning trip to Costco:

The above photo just cracks me up. For lots of reasons. There's the "Beef Cakes" label right above Parker, the funny kissy face, the fact that he's clutching his Starbucks (just like Mama!)... but more than anything it's his Costco name tag! Parker was gifted the name tag back in December from Miss Megan, the deli manager, and he makes sure he has it on whenever we are going to Costco (or whenever he's playing Costco at home). We don't actually know Miss Megan outside of Costco - Parker just befriended her over our many visits to the chicken rotisserie counter (he's pretty much best buds with that whole section now). Anyway, it was super thoughtful of her to make him feel so special. We heart Miss Megan.

This week I also got to do bath time! This is usually Max's time with Parker at night, while I tidy up the house or clean the kitchen after dinner. But since Max was gone, it was just me and P for bath and it was so super sweet. We did bubble baths, and oh my word, this little guy was just a bundle of laughs and love. After Parker went down to bed each night, I cozied up in my own bed with my computer and caught up on the entire first season of this show:

image via here

My Scottsdale mom friends said it was a must-see while I was out visiting them last weekend, and it did not disappoint! They also suggested Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and The People v. OJ Simpson (among several others - not having television or cable has put me so behind, y'all!). Also, confession, I slept in Max's robe every single night while he was gone. It was so comfy and cozy, I just might have to do it every time he's on travel! 

Friday Five

1. I won't disclose how many heart-shaped cookie cutters I own. It's in the double digits is all I will say. Anyway, they are in constant use over these first two weeks of February, so they are earning their keep. My newest way to use them? As a stencil - exampled here for the granola topping on my breakfast yogurt. Pretty and festive! 

2. I was able to view not one but two new (to me) movies over the weekend on my solo flights to and from Scottsdale. Yep, I left my boys for three nights (for the first time ever!) and visited our old stomping grounds. All the thank-yous to husby for staying home with little man, and exponential thank-yous for sending me First Class (yay for frequent flyer miles). On the way there it was The Intern(and a Bloody Mary... because First Class). I hadn't realized that the premise of this movie was incredibly sad. Once I got past that, though, the rest was humorous and quirky, and I'm pretty much a fan of anything Anne Hathaway does so I enjoyed it.

On the way back, it was Everest(and the sunrise). This was actually a fantastic pick for a flight - lots of action and super interesting. I'd totally recommend it.

The flights themselves were mini vacations for me - a big seat, someone bringing me beverages, and a movie of my choice! I was totally spoiled. February in the desert is the best, so I enjoyed lots of outside time while there, plus a visit to my favorite spa, and a baby shower tea!

Back in Alabama, Max and Parker were enjoying Boy Time. They sent this photo from the Mardi Gras parade on the town square, and I loved how happy they looked!

I returned Monday and got the sweetest, most excited homecoming. Followed by snow. One weather extreme to another. Parker really wanted a snowman, so we made a mini one :)

3. Conversation Hearts. A Valentine must. My first full-day back, Parker and I sorted and made patterns.

4. The next day, we were on to Valentine cookies. 

Parker requested we make M&M cookies, so we used this recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and stirred in mini chocolate chips and Valentine M&Ms. 

I had plans to hand them out to the neighbors, but, um, they are all gone now. 

5. Did anyone try the special Molten Chocolate Latte from Starbucks? 

I'm a sucker for anything festive and exclusive like that (the Molten Chocolate drinks were a limited option for Valentine week only) so of course I had to order one. It was a bit over the top chocolaty (which is saying something coming from me). The whip cream even was a chocolate/coffee whip cream! The drink also boasted melted chocolate chunks, and claimed you would find some pieces at the bottom of your cup (I did). A fun treat, but for someone who normally orders cappuccinos, it was a bit much. 

And finally...
Happy Valentine's Weekend!


Friday, Friday!

1. I'm not a scary movie watcher. I don't enjoy being startled, or watching scenarios that are frightening or sad (partly because I'm totally afraid of having nightmares about said things). Well, ABC's The Bachelor may as well be categorized under scary movie for me now, because this week's episode gave me nightmares, y'all. Literally. And I don't enjoy a nightmare. I suppose the show does contain lots of frightening and sad situations, so perhaps I should have been prepared? But after years and years of watching the show, this was the first time I was affected. We'll see if I have the nerve to watch next week!

2. Still loving Pure Barre, for so many reason, including their daily encouragement via social media. This one still gets me, even weeks later:

I think it perfectly captures their philosophy - there is always some sort of motivational effort going on to get ladies to class. Right now, it's Barre Bingo (you get to check of squares for things like Taking a 6am Class and Checking in on Facebook). Husby points out that all this is great publicity for them as well, which I totally agree. It's a win-win situation all the way around! On a side-note, what did we do before social media??

3. It might be thirty degrees outside, but I'm dreaming of rainbow colored local produce.
 This week, I officially signed up for the spring/summer community supported agriculture program with Doe Run Farms. It will be our second year with the program, and I'm already excited for spring Strawberries and summer Peaches (not to mention the cool unique finds like kohlrabi and October Beans).

4. I mentioned last week that I'm a creature of habit and eat the exact same lunch for days at a time. I suppose the "creature of habit" label applies to attire as well, because I've been layering a button-up with a sweater and a statement necklace this all week. Fun, and warm :)

5. Spy the button-up/sweater/necklace combo in our Starbucks selfie below? 

Happy Weekend! 


Valentine Month Fun

Oh, February! You've already been filled with all the hearts...

Heart sticker-resisit painting...

The finished product:

Homemade heart marshmallows...

 Hearts on the covers of our Valentine books...

Homemade heart-shaped ravioli...

(So tasty!)

 Hearts on our calendar...

Little Man was way proud of his work :)

Hearts at breakfast...

 And dollar-spot heart finds...

February, you make me smile!
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