PCK: Two Months Old!

Parker Campbell Klein,

How are you two months old already? Time is flying by! I remember counting the hours after you were born, celebrating by singing “Happy Birthday” at 5:01am when you turned 12 hours old. Then it was days, counting your lifetime in three days, five days, ten days... then weeks, and now months! You woke up this past Saturday to mommy and daddy singing to celebrate your two month birthday.

This month has been filled with lots of smiles and lots of movement! You are a wiggle worm, just like you were in mommy’s tummy! You haven’t rolled all the way over yet but you can roll onto your side, and you love to kick and flail and shimmy downward when you are on your back. You are an expert at tummy time now and do such a good job of holding your head up high (though it usually ends in a big thunk down).

You are still a great eater and like to nurse every one to four hours. You have the chubbiest arms and thighs, and the cutest, roundest cheeks! At one point you were such a chunk that daddy said your head was like a basketball with a little chin poking out! You have leaned out a bit with your last growth spurt though. You are now 24 inches long, and weigh 12 pounds 2 ounces! That’s the 86th percentile for height and 40th percentile for weight. You are wearing size 3-6 month clothing, though you are too long for lots of onesies in this size!

This month, daddy traveled to the UK for his first business trip since you were born, and you were an angel for mamma! Daddy missed you so but we talked to him each day and sent lots of photos to him. He was so happy to see you when he returned! Daddy especially loves when you smile and laugh and coo at his jokes. We know you don’t actually understand what’s going on, but we must say that your timing is impeccable!

You continue to love listening to music, and we can’t get enough of the little “dance moves” that you do! Your smiles and babbles fill our hearts with happiness; we couldn’t love you more.

Love, Mamma and Dad


PCK: Eight Weeks Old

This week, Max left for England on his first business trip since Parker was born. He got some extra snuggles in the night before he took off. 

Luckily, my sweet mom was still here visiting so Parker and I had some very helpful company! It's so much easier to take care of little one with an extra set of hands!

Plus, Parker just loved sleeping on grandma! 

My mom headed back to California Tuesday evening, and it was just me and the bean! We spent Wednesday at Scottsdale's posh Fashion Square mall. Little man was my lunch date at the Nordstrom cafe.

He was such a good baby boy!

Until, that is, we stepped foot in the elevator. Not. A. Fan. 

He was much happier after a nap!

Later was facetimed with Max. Little man was confused as to how dad could fit inside my iPhone. 

On Thursday morning, I told Parker we were going to the dentist! He seemed happy.

He ended up loving it! He sat in the corner and watched as I had my teeth cleaned and he loved the sound of the cleaning tools. I think this means he's going to be a dentist someday ;) He was so tuckered out from the fun that he slept through our facetime call with daddy. 

 Finally, it was Friday! And time to welcome daddy home from the UK! I dressed Parker for the occasion in a "My Heart Belongs to an Electrical Engineer" shirt my mom had gifted to him.  

 He was a sleepy man! So sleepy that he snored right through Max coming home!

Happy 8 Weeks, Baby Boy! 


PCK: Seven Weeks Old

Little man is a chunk! We are in size one diapers and attempting some cloth dipeys, too!

Parker does the funniest thing while napping in his swing: he will raise both arms up and down and all around and shake his head back and forth – kind of like dream dancing! Sometimes he wakes himself up with the stretching!  

Parker is grabbing (and holding on to) anything within reach – including mommy’s hair!

He loves riding with daddy in the Baby Bjorn! We go to the grocery store and all around the neighborhood. Max walks over to anything Parker stares at so he can get a better look, and explains what it is to him. Such a good daddy! 

 Parker found himself in the mirror this week! He just loves looking at that handsome face! Mommy loves staring at it, too! 


My Very First Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day was my first as a mamma, and I was so lucky to have my own mom here with us to celebrate this year! 

We started the day off with brunch at my favorite restaurant, The Herb Box, where we dined on the patio. Parker was such the alert angel during most of brunch, then decided to nap for the rest. 

We came home and did presents. I was Spoiled with a capital "S" from so many sweet family members, including this little bean (I think he had help from dad!): 

Great minds think alike - my mom and I both gifted each other new shoes! 

Sunday was a beautiful day to be outside.

I was so happy to have my amazing mamma here to share the day with!

Parker wore a bow tie for the occasion: 

I just can't get enough of my littlest man who made me a mom!

Parker quickly turned into a nakey baby when we decided it would be a pool day. 

We took turns keeping him in the shade, though Parker mostly napped and didn't really notice. 

We're waiting for the water to warm up a bit before we take him in - we can't wait! 

For dinner, the hubs grilled burgers two ways. They were accompanied by french fries and chocolate shakes, all cravings from when I was pregnant with the bean. 

We lounged outside to eat - a wonderful, relaxing day and a perfect first Mother's Day! 

My Everyday Love

Linking with Everyday Love for Mommy and Me Monday! 
Mommy and Me outside Mother's Day fun! 


PCK: Weeks Five and Six

Parker continues to be the love of our life! We live for his sweet smiles...

5 Weeks
Parker is smiling all throughout the day now – it’s the best thing in the world!
We are loving the new arm and leg rolls.

6 Weeks
Officially put away all newborn clothes – little man is wearing three-month clothing now!
Transitioned to big blankets for swaddling - Parker is a Houdini and was getting out of even dad’s super tight swaddles in the small flannel blankets.
Longest stretch of nighttime sleep to date – 4 hours! These tired parents couldn't be happier. 


PCK: One Month Old!

Today is the first day of May. I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. Parker couldn't believe it either when I told him:

So I am just a tad bit late posting that our sweet, precious son turned one month old on April 18th. In so many ways it feels like yesterday that he was born, but we have made countless memories in that time, and Parker has changed so much!

One Month Update:

Our little man just loves to eat – every one to three hours to be exact! At his one-month check-up, Parker weighed in at 10 lbs. 3oz., a full three pounds heavier than when we took him home from the hospital! He’s measuring 22 ¼ inches long, placing him in the 70th percentile for height and 40th for weight. His head falls into the 70th percentile; we figure it’s because of his big brain! : )

Dear Parker,
You have grown so much in your very first month in this world! The first time we put you in your car seat, you looked so tiny in it! Now, you are filling it out much better. You love eating (all momma’s milk) and when you are done you raise your head and purse your lips with your chubby cheeks puffed out; it’s the cutest thing. You continue to be tall and skinny like your daddy, and are getting too long for your newborn onesies! You still wear newborn diapers, though. Daddy is so good to you and changes your dipeys all the time when he’s home, and all through the night, too. He hands you to me for middle-of-the-night feedings and each time I think you are the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. You are getting stronger and stronger and you move your arms all around now. You are also holding your head up for some seconds at a time, and are giving us smiles every day. We can’t get enough of them! I love when you lift your eyebrows and your tiny forehead wrinkles, and I love the sweet little coos you make while you’re sleeping. We both love holding you while you sleep, and you especially love being on daddy’s chest. He can always calm you down when you are fussy with his nice deep voice, or with walks by the fish tank. Mommy and daddy love you so much. We are still in awe of how perfect you are, and we still can’t believe we get to keep you!

Love, Momma and Daddy 

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