Parker Campbell, Nine Months

Our littlest man turned nine-months-old on the 18th of this month! We can't get enough of this wonderful, giggly, fun stage...

Height: 29 inches (76th percentile)

Weight: 18 lbs. (21st percentile)

Hair: Sporting more of a comb-over look now, opposed to his customary Mohawk.

Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Size 3

Clothes: Size 12 months

Health: Being hit hard by the teething monster! We are now sporting four teeth! The top two have officially come in as of Parker’s nine month birthday!

Sleep: Parker, on a normal night, is still a great sleeper! He typically goes down around 7:30pm and wakes up between 7:00am and 7:30am. However, we’ve had a number of atypical nights this month thanks to the teething monster. Our sweet little guy has been a fuss bug at times, getting up several times a night (and only being calmed by nursing). Parker continues to take a morning nap each day (one to two hours), one afternoon nap (one to two hours) and occasionally a pre-dinner catnap (twenty-ish minutes).   

Diet: I’m still making all of Parker’s food and couldn’t be happier about it! Little man does breakfast, lunch, and dinner now. We do dinner as a family (with Parker in his high chair at the table), mostly with daddy feeding Parker and eating bites of dinner in between. Parker is also sometimes content playing with a toy or sampling finger foods while mommy and daddy eat. I just love this time our family of three has all together! New foods this month were: acorn squash, asparagus, broccoli, bread, turkey, brown rice cereal, yogurt (organic plain whole milk), kiwi, fish (Alaskan cod), Yukon gold potatoes, lentils, watermelon and cheese (organic mild cheddar). We have also ventured into the world of herbs and spices! Parker has sampled cinnamon, cumin, dill, sage, and ginger. Yogurt was a big, big hit and he especially loves when I cook and puree apples with cinnamon! Parker is eating more finger foods now! Cubes of potato are easy for him to pick up, and he’s also munched on broccoli, banana, watermelon, and kiwi this way.

Likes: Music and singing (favorite songs include The ABC’s, A You’re Adorable and I Love You), ceiling fans, lights, running water, books (Little Blue Truck and Goodnight Moon are most loved), drinking water from straws (especially from mommy or daddy’s cups), riding on daddy’s shoulders, watching the aquarium in the den, knocking down blocks, and “walking” while someone guides him by holding onto his hands. Parker is also quite the observer. He likes to just take everything in. If we go out to eat and put him in a highchair, he spends a good portion of time just looking around at the ceiling, windows, other tables, etc.

Social: Parker scrunches up his face when he likes something; we totally melt when we see him do it.

Milestones: Parker can now “play ball” (roll the ball back and forth with an adult) and turn pages in his board books on cue! We’ll read a page and then tell Parker that it’s time to turn the page and he’ll do it! Parker’s fine motor skills are becoming more and more precise. Earlier in the month, I would catch him watching his hand intently as he touched his pointer finger to his thumb, over and over (practicing! Go, Parker!). Now, he’ll carefully use his pointer finger to touch things. He especially loves moving buttons on shirts, and flicking the straw on his drinking cup. Max thinks it’s especially amazing to watch him because it’s so clear what little man is thinking, and evident that he’s concentrating really hard and being very precise and specific. They even have their own little game: Parker will flick his straw and Max will say “boing” as it springs back, and Parker just laughs and laughs!

Dear Parker,
You celebrated your first Thanksgiving here in Scottsdale! You tried your Grammy’s Sweet Potato Casserole and loved it, especially the melted marshmallow topping! Christmastime with you has been so much fun! From picking out our family tree, to meeting Santa, to watching your face scrunch with delight when you look at the twinkly lights, you have made the holiday season magical for us. We love making you giggle, watching you sleep, playing with you on the rug, going for walks, and feeding you new things! Daddy and I talk all the time about how you couldn’t be a sweeter! You have a mellow and calm personality, but can also get giddy with excitement (which is tons of fun for us)! We say over and over again that you are such a good baby! We love you so much, little man!
Love, Mom and Dad


Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Last weekend we set out for Parker to meet Santa for the first time! I had done my research, and while there were a ton of different places to do this, most of the set-ups had strict no-outside-camera policies (encouraging you to instead purchase bigger packages of printed photos from them). Some of my mom friends said that this meant they ended up with pictures of their little ones with their eyes closed, or heads turned. Since we own a nice DSLR, we really wanted the option to snap some of our own photos. We finally discovered (via a mailed brochure) that Santa would be making a cameo at the Scottsdale Promenade (just 15 minutes from our house), and he would be offering complimentary pictures with him! Bingo! If the photos were complimentary, I figured there would be no problem snapping some of our own!

We headed out on Saturday after Parker's morning nap. We were excited to discover a bagpipe player near Santa! 

Parker showing off his teeth with daddy: 

While we (Max) ended up snapping a ton of pictures, this is probably the best that we got. Parker's eyes aren't closed, but he definitely looks concerned, hah! Actually, sitting on Santa's lap didn't phase him - he was way more interested in looking at the horse and carriage that was rolling by. 

As for his list to Santa, we are lucky that little man cannot talk yet because most of these items would definitely be on there, including laptop cords to chew on, mom and dad's house keys, and a wall mounted entertainment center (toilet paper roll). Fortunately, mom and dad get to make Parker's list this year, which will include wooden puzzles and board books. 

So long until next year, Santa! 


Christmas Card Link Up!

We are linking up with the Christmas Card Carousel to share our 2013 Holiday Card! In making our card, I used one of the photos that Max's sweet sister snapped for us on Thanksgiving. Max and Parker are matchy-matchy of course because I just cannot get enough of daddy-and-me outfits! I really wanted the message of the card to mention wonder or amazement as we are fully feeling these emotions this year, seeing life through the eyes of a baby! It truly is a magical time in our lives - so I went with the "Magic of Christmas" for our card. 

The photo on the back of the card I took one sunny and hot December afternoon right in our backyard. I plopped Parker down on a blanket on the grass (nakey with a Santa Hat), and when he wasn't trying to grab or eat our lawn, he was fascinated by his hat! Wonder and amazement at work here!

Share your own Holiday Card by linking up here! Merry Christmastime! 

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

A couple weekends back we headed out to get our Christmas tree! A cold front had just blown in so it was unusually chilly for a December day in the desert (I realized that an "unusually chilly" winter day for the desert is probably an "unusually warm" winter day most anywhere else). Anyway, we busted out our winter gear and we were on our way!

We headed to the same Christmas Tree Lot that we've gone to for five years now, this time as a family of three!

Here we are checking out the Parker sized trees: 

Little man loved touching the needles: 

Pondering which tree he liked best: 

We picked our winner and hauled it home on top of Pepper. Max was superman and brought the tree into the house all by himself.  

Parker was fascinated by the whole process and looked on from his car walker. 

Then he couldn't wait to walk right up to it for a feel!

I just love getting whiffs of the yummy pine scent every time I pass the tree! And now that the tree is decorated, little man loves looking at the lights and brightly colored ornaments. 'Tis the season! 

Nine Months In, Nine Months Out

39 weeks and one day ago, I was 39 weeks and one day pregnant, and very much in labor about to give birth to our baby Klein (whose gender was still unknown to us!). This was literally less than an hour before Parker was born!

Meeting Parker for the first time...

 And Parker's first portrait, courtesy of daddy of course.

Just a couple hours after Parker's arrival (we were so in love and so amazed at the birth process!)... 

Today marks the crossover - Parker has officially been in the outside world for the same exact amount of time that he grew in my belly! We now have a bright eyed, drooling, giggling, bouncing baby boy. The past nine months have been so amazing and Parker has grown so much!

Each day as a parent is such an adventure, and we are so thankful to have sweet Parker as our son. 


December is in full Swing!

It's our first December as a family of three and I couldn't be happier! Throwing a baby into the mix has made the holidays even more magical than I thought it would. I'm loving every second. 

Our stockings are hung and ready for Santa...

Little man helped to hang his very first stocking, so special!

We have been all about the Christmas jams this month! 

We're taking our time in the mornings, enjoying snuggling and reading Christmas stories! 

Parker's room is decked for the holidays:

And little man can't get enough of our big tree!

We are spending our days shopping,


Being festive yogis, 

And heading out on walks in gorgeous 75 degree weather. 

 Happy December!

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