Yard Work = Hard Work

We're lucky to have monthly "Bulk Pickup" service at our house. Once a month, we can put out pretty much anything and the city will come around to haul it away. We took total advantage of the service by spending an entire day clearing out one side of the front yard which was way overgrown. Yes, you read that right - just one side. This is what we came up with:

And alternate view:

.84 acres is proving to be a bit of a challenge ; )

Crazy In Love

Pretty much since we started dating back in 2007, Max and I have heard it from our family - we're ridiculously lovey-dovey. My sister says it's gag inducing. We've heard it from our friends. They want to throw up a little in their mouths. I just can't help it! It took 25 years to find him, and every second I still feel so lucky! Don't get me wrong, we're not making out in front of people. We're not even pinching bottoms like the couple in front of us in line last week at Chick-fil-A. I just like to hold hands and give little love squeezes. Every minute on the minute. Possibly more.

Anyway, never before have we heard about it from strangers. That is, of course, until now. This past weekend Max and I were out and about and popped into our local dry cleaners to pick up our dry cleaning. Normally I do this alone, and sometimes I'll send the hubby out to do it, but since we were driving right by, we went in together. "Newlyweds!" commented our dry cleaning guy. Um, no, not really. We explained that it's been almost 2 years since our wedding. He looked confused. I think he thought we were lying. Then he explained that after 10 years I won't even hold hands anymore. Back in the car Max laughed because that will never be true.

Later that night, we found ourselves at my school's Silent Auction fundraiser. We were in a crowd listening to the raffle winners being named off when a male parent pushed his way through and kidded "Geez! Let another guy have a chance with him!" This was directed at me of course, who may or may not have given too many of those love squeezes while were were listening to the host. Oops.

Finally, Sunday rolls around and I decide to be a good wife and map out our dinners for the week and go major grocery shopping. The cashier is ringing up my $150 worth of groceries when I look in my (empty) purse and see no wallet. Double oops. Have you ever had a full cart of groceries and no way to pay for it? Um, not fun. Luckily, we're a 5 minute drive from the Safeway so in about 6 minutes Max was in the store, wallet in hand. The manager had saved my bill and was running my credit card at a side register when we heard laughter and "This is a public establishment!" Apparently I turned bright red. Yes, too much squeezing. My name is Mande, and I'm a squeze-aholic.

Love from Texas

Max's mom recently sent some Easter goodies our way from Dallas. They arrived safely and wrapped oh-so cutely that I almost didn't want to open them:

But they got even more precious when I did take them out of their wrapping. My talented MIL crafted these herself!

We found a sweet little spot for the chickadee couple. They make me smile!

And a spot for the adorable basket as well : )

Happy Easter month y'all!
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