Easy Eats for Game Day


Although we're mostly television-free in our house, we totally make exceptions for big games, because what's more fun than cheering on a team going for a championship? Adding fun snacks makes the whole event even more special. Here are two easy eats for your next game day...

Miscellany Monday

We are back from four days at Walt Disney World! Since I grew up in California, I grew up going to Disneyland - so this was my first trip to Disney World, and it was Parker's first Disney experience ever! There is so much that goes into planning a Disney World vacay, and I'm twelve kinds of excited to share everything we learned. Our little family of three had the best time ever

Family Trip to London Day 6

It's my very last London post! I've had so much fun recapping each day of our trip. If you missed any of the posts, you can find:
Day One HERE, Day Two HERE, Day Three HERE, Day Four HEREand Day Five HERE

Day Six was a Saturday - our last full day in London and our only real weekend day in the city (we arrived on a Monday and would be flying out Sunday). We started off the day bright and early with a 9AM time slot at Natural History Museum's ice skating rink.

Friday Five - Snow Day Edition

Today's Friday Favorites are brought to you by #allthesnowdays...


Happy Thursday! We're coming off of what seems like weeks of snow days here in Alabama (all for precisely one inch of actual snow... welcome to The South!). I'm happy to get back into our routine again. Yesterday I told Max I felt like I didn't have anything to tether myself, and I just felt lost and aimless - we were pretty much stuck at home with much (and at times, all) of the city closed.

Family Trip to London Day 5

On Day 5, we had tickets to see The Nutcracker at the English Coliseum! When Max and I went to London in 2010, we saw Wicked in London's West End, and as soon as we booked this trip I knew I wanted to do some sort of show again. The Nutcracker with the English National Ballet was the perfect option for us. We slept in a bit that morning since we had done so much the day before (and Max was exhausted after two full days of his conference plus keeping up with everything back at the office). Parker and I were stoked to have him all to ourselves for the rest of the trip!

Family Trip to London Day 4

After taking it easy on day three, we were ready to make the most of day four. This worked out perfectly because weather-wise, the rain had passed and it was a bright and sunny (though bitterly cold) London day. Parker and I aimed to tackle everything that was on our schedule for the day, while also adding in our Kensington Palace tour since we missed it the day before (and Max would be attending the second and final day of his conference in Chelsea). Looking back, I can't believe how much we packed into just that one day! 

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It's a weather day over here in Alabama - schools are closed because of the threat of ice and freezing rain later in the afternoon, goodness gracious! So our plan is to head out this morning and get our errands done, then come back and get snuggly and warm for the rest of the day. Stay safe out there, y'all! Here's my first Friday Five of 2018...

Family Trip to London Day 3

Day three was the first day of Max's conference, and the first of two days Parker and I would be on our own in the city! Since we were going to be separated, I was super grateful to have a working phone in case Max needed to reach us or vice versa, and I was also very happy to have GPS for Google Maps so I could navigate around London.

Our original itinerary had Parker and me at Kensington palace for their 10AM opening. This is what Parker looked like at 10AM. 

Family Trip to London Day 2

We set our alarm for 8AM for our second day in London. This gave us more than twelve hours of sleep, but we were so tired from all the travel day before that we were very slow going. We also woke up hungry, so I popped across the street to Paul (a darling French cafe chain). I picked up milk, coffee and croissants and brought them back to my boys so we could eat while getting ready for the day.

Family Trip to London Day 1

Our first day in London started around 7AM GMT when the lights on the plane turned on and breakfast service began, an hour-an-a-half-ish before we'd be landing. We had a 100mph tailwind on the way over, so we arrived an entire hour ahead of schedule. 

Prepping for our Family Trip to London

So, Max goes on tons of business travel every single year. For as long as I've known him, he's been Platinum level on American Airlines (achieved with 60+ flights in the calendar year). Some of the places I have no desire to travel to (I'm looking at you, Yuma Arizona). But lots of the time I'm dropping hints that I'd love to tag along. Tokyo. New York City. Seattle. San Francisco. I fully realize that business travel is not at all glamorous, and most of the time Max sees zero of the city in which he's staying because he's working all day (and then doubly working at night doing whatever things he's missing in the office). Still, when I heard the word "London" being thrown around in the fall, my ears perked up and I started my rationalizations of why it would make an awesome family trip and introduction to international travel for Parker.

Flying Internationally With Kids!

Prior to our London Trip, our sweet four-and-a-half year-old was a pretty experienced flyer with almost sixty flights under his belt. All of these, however, were domestic flights and none of them overnight. So, leading up to our transatlantic flight, I read every blog and every article I could get my hands on about international flying with kids. Everyone has a different take on it as all kids are different, but here's what worked for us...
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