Hello, Friday!

I can count on one hand the number of days Max has been home (and not away on business) this month. Thank goodness for FaceTime!

Double Decker Veggie Sandwiches with Pepperidge Farm

I've always loved a good veggie sandwich, and after nine years as a vegetarian, I got pretty good at making them. And, while I'm no longer a vegetarian, I still find myself choosing meatless options from time to time since they are usually lighter, but can be so tasty too! Enter the double decker veggie sandwich with Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse® Hearty White Bread

Friday Five

First, thank y'all so much for the many responses to my post on infertility earlier this week. This comment especially touched upon my whole reason for doing the post:

6 Things to Do After a Negative Pregnancy Test

There's an episode of Sex and the City where Miranda is diagnosed with a lazy ovary. Seemingly very offended, she protests that her ovaries went to an Ivy League schoolI'm a biological underachiever, and it's ironic because that ovary went to Harvard. Seeing the show as a young twenty-something, this didn't make any sense to me, but now that I've (twice) gone through my own fertility issues, I completely understand.

Recent Reads

I've been a diligent library goer for the past few years, ever since I discovered online holds. Last month, however, I found myself actually purchasing not just one but three different books. The Immoralists was on a whim after I read about it in O magazine (or maybe it was Real Simple?). Pretty Mess I figured my library would never offer, so I pre-ordered that one via Amazon. And, I had been waiting for my library hold to come up for The Wife Between Us for months, finally lost my patience and picked it up on a Costco run, then was promptly offered the book by the library the very next day, go figure.

Life Lately

Happy Spring! Spring weather in The South is nothing short of ridiculous. It was literally 83 degrees yesterday, followed by severe thunderstorms (plus fallen trees and power outages) in the middle of the night, then we woke up this morning to 40 degrees and a freeze warning. Go figure.
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