Life Lately | February

We kicked off February by hosting our sweet Nashville friends in town. We took in Parker's favorite, a Huntsville Havoc game! (Made even more favorite by the fact that they won and in overtime, which Parker says is like "more free hockey" and also lets him push back his bedtime which he's all about).

If hockey is Parker's favorite, Top Golf is practically tied. This was the first time we've gone with a group of little ones and it worked out so perfectly! 

Also, it might just be that I'm pregnant but the Top Golf chicken tenders were off the chart amazing (they were technically from the kids menu but I totally scarfed some down).

This month I've fit in several days of substitute teaching, and also started and finished this book that I mentioned a couple weeks ago. It literally took me two days to read it - it was so good I couldn't put it down!

Also, shout out to my friend Emily for introducing me to DryBar Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Mousse. My hair is loving it!
Our littlest pianist performed Skip to my Lou at the February Soroptimist Club Pancake Breakfast fundraiser. This was the first time he has played for an audience without his music - his teacher knew he had the piece memorized so she really encouraged him going up there without it. We ended up bringing the music sheet just in case, but it stayed in my purse.

They flashed this photo of him and his amazing instructor from October when Parker was Student of the Month for his music school!

We've been taking advantage of the sun when we get it...

And snuggling inside when we don't! 

Then this past weekend, we jumped at the opportunity of a four-day-holiday to head to California for a quick visit to family! I traveled at almost thirty weeks pregnant with my last pregnancy, but I had forgotten it was only a short flight and not all the way across the country. In fact, I always seem to forget that California is a cross-country flight now. My third trimester self hung in there for the travel, but it was not so comfortable. Add to that we had a whole mess of contingencies including a delayed flight, a lost checked-bag (Parker's booster seat which required securing another one at the San Jose airport), then to top it off as we entered the In-N-Out drive-thru upon leaving the airport (because pregnancy priorities), our rental car died. Like, misfired, shook violently, then would not start again. If you're familiar with an In-N-Out drive-thru, you know that no matter the time of day it's always busy, and you do not want to be that car holding up the line. After several attempts at starting it in Neutral and lurching forward a few feet at a time, an offer from an employee to help push it, and a roadside assistance technician who couldn't locate our file, the car miraculously started working again (and didn't give us a single other problem the entire rest of the trip). 

All the points to our frequent little flyer who handles travel like a champ!

The highlight of our trip? Seeing this cutie patootie, my adorable niece!

Her faces kill me! Our trip was super short and super fast, but we're so thankful for that quick time we had to visit. 

California, you are just as beautiful as ever!


  1. Oh my goodness; that sounds like quite the start to the trip. Glad it all worked out OK in the end.

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