Finn Edward | 5 Months

We blinked and September was over, and somehow our babe is five months old! He is still our high maintenance grumpster,  but he's napping more which helps everything. And while he's super picky about most things, he'll take a bottle straight up cold so I guess that makes up for it?

Fin is wearing size three diapers and 6-12 month clothing. Parker's hand-me-downs are a bit snug on him because he's such a bigger baby!

Finn is loving grabbing anything and everything in front of him. He kicks his legs like crazy while in the bathtub, and can roll several times in a row (which means he can move quite a ways when we put him down!). We live for his little smile and giggles and he still lights up whenever he watches big brother.

Finn has been doing all his naps in his nursery for some time, and now does most of his nighttime sleep there as well. He's 100% a stomach sleeper now, which I think is helping him sleep longer and better. We switch him from his crib to his bassinet by our bed around 2AM after his first nighttime feed. He's still waking up to nurse twice a night - we've tried and tried to get him back to sleep without eating, but boy is #hungry. We're hoping starting solids this month will help!

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