Finn Edward | One Year

Our Finn Edward has officially made his first trip around the sun! He is wearing size 18 month clothing, size 4 diapers, and is just the cutest thing you've ever seen. He's become so much more communicative in the past few weeks. We're holding that his first official word was brother ("buhbuhbuh" - he loves pointing to big brother and saying it) but key and car were close contenders for that number one spot. Other words include: balloon, dada, egg, camera, bird, dog, and (finally!) mama. Finn has mastered the good-bye wave, pulls himself up on anything and everything he can find, is able to locate his belly button, and loves to "brush" his own hair and teeth.

Finn is obsessed with keys and cars and will locate and identify them wherever we are. There's a small vintage key in the lock on the armoire door in his room, and many a time after a nap I will find him standing in his crib, pointing to the armoire and saying kkkkkeeeeee. Unless I take him straight to the armoire to play with the key, he will cry in protest... which is actually a common theme with this guy. He voices his displeasure often and loudly (and he is less than thrilled quite frequently, most often when he desires to be holding something small, sharp and dangerous).

We celebrated Finn's birthday completely at home because #quarantine. However, this guy is living his best life during this shelter at home order. No carline or running errands - just being loved on at home. And his birthday was no exception - we Facetimed with family, played with his new toys, read his new books, and sweet Finn had his very first birthday cake all to himself!

I mean, he's certainly one loved little guy. His special dinner was filet mignon from our CSA, plus lots and lots of raspberries (his current favorite). We joke that Daddy is working solely to support Finn's berry habit - he's literally eating $50+ in berries each week right now! 

Finn loves to read - he starts and ends his days with books, and gets tons of stories in between. His current favorite is the 1953 release Daddies. He also loves these books from the 1940's: Cowboy Small, The Little Airplane, and The Little Train. Pat the Bunny is a new favorite, and The Belly Button Book makes him giggle so!

As cranky as he can be, we just live for his little giggles, squeals, and smiles. He's still obsessed with big brother, and gets very excited whenever he sees hims. Finn also enjoys seeing and identifying dogs on our neighborhood walks. He loves to look out our upstairs windows and identify trucks, and can answer us when asked to locate things (like brother's ear!). He's also a big fan of our hot tub - so much so that he's often distracted during our dinners out on the deck, pointing to the hot tub and saying "haaaaaaa" (for hot tub) requesting to go in. Similarly, whenever we're in the garage, he points to the straits leading to Dada's office and says "Aaaahhhhh" (for office) because he loves climbing up those stairs and playing in there with all of the computer test equipment - especially the equipment with keys (we think we have a mini engineer on our hands just like his Dada). 

Happy First Birthday, Finn Edward! 

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