Twenty-twenty... our first new year as a family of four! In December, we sent out the holiday card below...

And in January, this one came back to us "damaged in handling" via USPS mail, top half removed and undeliverable 😂

Twenty twenty has been kind of like that for us so far. We rang it in with the discovery of a shower leak and water damage under the house (and subsequent round-the-clock dehumidifiers for a week)...

... and also weathered the third tornado watch in the past thirty days 😬 I mean, winter is not even supposed to be tornado season!

Plus, we're still all sorts of sleep deprived. One weekend after Pilates class, I tried to get into the wrong car in the parking lot. Like, kept trying to open the door until I realized it wasn't my vehicle. Y'all, it wasn't even the same make or model as the one I own. I've tried to take my make-up off with contact solution, applied stretch mark cream to my face, and I've left the house in my slippers more times than I can count. Twice I even tried to put Finn (in his infant carrier carseat) into my car's back trunk (both times it took several seconds of staring at the trunk to figure out that, no, this was not the place for his carseat). But things are looking up - as of last week, Finn is finally (for the most part) sleeping through the night! And we only have about seven months of sleep to catch up on. But we are safe and healthy and that's all I can ask for (though a working shower in our master bath would be nice!).


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