One year ago today...

One year ago today, I was home alone fiddling around on the computer making a photo book for Max's upcoming 30th birthday, when all of a sudden, I got the urge to go take a pregnancy test and ran to our room to get one. I had already taken one just a couple days before, and Max and I had watched as only one line appeared. Boo. I had kept looking back at the test all day long, as if a second line might magically appear. It didn't. Since it was a bit early to test, we talked about doing another test the following weekend, which would for sure be able to tell us.

I'm not sure what made me decide to take another test on my own. As I was unwrapping it I was thinking what a waste it was, but it was too late and the test was open. I remember looking at the test while it blinked the hourglass symbol (showing that it was working). Then looking again at the hourglass. Then I glanced at it and BAM- Pregnant. I did a triple take. Then I kept waiting for the "Not" to pop up (it didn't). Then I basically started pacing around like a crazy lady all over the house. Max and I always said we would look at pregnancy test results together (and we had looked at a million of them - all negative). And finally when it turned up positive, I was alone! This was not at all as I had planned for it to go!

I was debating what to do about my husband, who was working away at the office with no idea of what was going on at home. I thought about not telling him and taking another test with him that night. I decided against it since 1. I probably wouldn't be able to convince him we should take one so soon after the negative one, and 2. I'm really bad at lying so I wouldn't be able to keep the secret anyway. I decide to text Max and ask if he could face time. I never face time with Max during the workday. Sometimes he'll face time on his way out, but that's usually when he's leaving the office super late and no one's around. Luckily, we had actually talked about face timing that day so he could walk me through turning off the house's load controller when it clicked on. I was pretty confident that that's what he thought the face time invitation was for. As soon as he got me on the monitor, though, he knew something was up and guessed it right away! I showed him the test, giddy with excitement!

I felt sooo bad for taking the test without him, but at the same soooo excited!! We took another test together that night which confirmed it. Two lines! We were pregnant!! I was one month along and baby was the size of a poppy seed.

It's so amazing to look back and know that it was sweet baby Parker growing in my tummy all along... 

And now, one year later, Max and I are parents to the most wonderful bundle of sweetness, almost four months old! What a difference a year makes! 


Our Water Baby

Parker had his first real pool experience a few weekends ago and did so well! The water was still a bit on the chilly side (crazy to believe given that we'd been having 110+ degree days!) so Max kept him pretty close to keep him warm. Parker was curious about the water and smiled and cooed when daddy popped in and out of the water, putting his face close to Parker's.

The week after, we had a swim play date in Phoenix, and Parker and I got to play in warmer water. He looooved it! He was an especially good kicker! 

This past week, we took the bean in our pool a few different times. The water has warmed up to 84-86 degrees, and little man was loving it! Auntie Meredith was so kind to snap some photos for us while we had a family swim...

My mom sent me my own family swim pic from when I was just a couple months older than Parker! So sweet!

Max introduced Parker to the waterfall, but little man wasn't too sure about it.

He loved kicking and being moved around, though!

Especially when daddy went fast!

Max made up a game where he would disappear under the water and make bubbles, which made the bean giggle every time!

Parker is living up to his zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish) and loving his zodiac element (water)! 

A true little water baby! 

He's our whole world!


A Festive Family Fourth

Parker celebrated his first fourth of July with Grammy visiting from Texas and Auntie and her boyfriend visiting from Boston! We had a full house here in Arizona and we loved it! Fourth of July is Max's favorite holiday, so I loved seeing him be able to share it for the first time with his son! Parker was already asleep for the fireworks and sparklers fun on the actual fourth so we put on a mini show for him another night. He loves fire just like his daddy!

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