Super Easy Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Max was on travel earlier this month, and while he's away, I skip out on cooking. Tell me I'm not the only wife who does this?! Usually I'm all about sit-down weeknight meals, but if Max is gone, Parker and I are happy with snacking (I've even been known to make whole meals out of ice cream and popcorn, though I at least try to get in some kind of veggie for Parker). Sometimes I need a real meal though! Enter this super easy creamy mushroom pasta - no measuring, very few dishes, and really no actual recipe! It's a perfect bowl of happiness on a chilly day or night.

10 Years

Ten years ago today, I met the love of my life! (The man, not the goat, obvi 😉)


I've said it before - I'm the worst at getting photos printed. Sure, my iPhone is always out of space because I take so many photos, but other than posting them on Instagram or sharing them on the blog, I don't do much else with them. And real, tangible printed-out photos are just so much better. Enter Photowall. I was stoked when they reached out for us to try their site.

Blossomwood Witches Ride

Last year, one of the ladies in the neighborhood started a Witches Ride as a charity benefit. She invited women to get dressed up as witches, and literally ride the streets of our neighborhood, throwing out candy to the crowd (a reverse trick-or-treat!).

PCK 4.5

Our sweet PCK is four-and-a-half. Where have the years gone? Last month we submitted his application for kindergarten and I just about cried.

This guy has such the imagination right now. He's always pretending to be something. Last year, he would only answer to "Swimmer" after seeing the swim races on the summer Olympics. This year, we attended a summer minor league baseball game in Nashville, and Parker latched on to one of the player profiles - Jaff Decker - and insisted on being called Jaff Decker for months. He'd totally get into it and would type in "Jaff Decker" as his name whenever we went bowling, and would sign "Jaff Decker" on birthday cards and thank you cards (yes, he didn't yet know how to spell his own middle name, but learned Jaff Decker no problem 😂).
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