PCK 5-Year Interview

What is your name?
Parker but I want to be called hockey player.

What is your age?


Happy 5th Birthday, PCK!

Our little guy is five years old! I've been a Mama for half a decade - I really cannot wrap my head around that fact! While last year was all about construction and the color orange, Parker's favorites this year include hockey and the color red. He wanted his birthday celebration to be at a Huntsville Havoc hockey game, so we let Parker choose two buddies (and their families) and we celebrated the Friday night before his actual birthday in one of the ice suites.

Why I Didn't Use a Free Disney Planner for Our WDW Vacay

Being a California Girl, I grew up going to Disneyland, and I have such awesome memories of it. Now that we're official Southerners, Disney World is much closer. But y'all. Disney World is in its own league of ridiculousness. I feel like you can do Disneyland on the fly - no advanced warning or planning needed. Disney Word is like one of those elementary schools you sign up for when your baby is still in the womb. I'm not lying when I say you book breakfast reservations six months in advance. Part of the scenario lies in the fact that you'll probably be staying on property, but also that Disney World is just so darn big (the size of San Francisco if you're California literate like me 😉). It's always been very intimidating, but when we decided it was time to introduce our little guy (he was four years old at the time) to the Wonderful World of Disney, I decided to slowly start researching. I'm warning you - it will become an obsession. Everything you need to know can be found online (bless the internet). There are two big timelines of which you need to be aware:

WDW Day Four | Chef Mickey's & Goodbye

Day four was our travel day back home from Disney World. Ever the cheap frugal travelers, we opted not to get park tickets for this day since we'd only get a few hours in before we had to leave (and I prefer to get my money's worth, especially when park tickets for the three of us totaled over $300 for each day). Instead, we booked brunch at Chef Mickey's for our last morning - this gave us the opportunity to see all the characters one more time without actually having to purchase park tickets. It worked out perfectly for us, and I would highly recommend doing this if you're headed out mid-day like we were.

Friday Faves

Happy March! We've been getting in the Easter spirit with all things bunny - including our pancakes! These were a hit - and super easy to make!

Mint Chocolate Treasures

Happy March! I'm not sure about your neck of the woods, but here in Alabama, everything is starting to bloom. As my little guy points out every time we see a bud, "It's a sign that spring is near!" This was no-doubt learned in pre-school, but he's so right - spring is just around the corner! And now that we're in a climate that gives us freezing temperatures and even snow, I appreciate spring so much more.


Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday! We've had such a mix of weather over here lately - rainy one day, sunny the next, so we've been jumping at the chance every warm day to enjoy the moment and get outside.
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