Finn's Nursery

Welcome to Finn's nursery! It's about 90% complete. I'd still like to swap out the ceiling fan for a wooden light fixture of some sort, but this is what it's looked like for quite awhile now though I'm just finally getting around to sharing it (the little one who occupies this little space is high maintenance!).

This room was a home office for the previous owners of our house, and when we moved in we said it would make a perfect nursery someday since it's right off the master. For the first four years we lived here, it was a study of sorts with a bed for overflow guests. When it was time to transition it to a nursery, we got rid of the bed and high dresser but kept the armoire (that was full of books) and turned it into a closet since the room lacked one (Finn loves to crawl over to that armoire and open the drawer on the right, which you can see in the photo below, haha!).

We of course didn't know if the room would be for a boy or girl when we were prepping it, so we kept to whites and creams. We bought the PB Kids Elsie crib and dresser/changing table in white and figured we'd add pink or blue accents after baby was born. Leading up to delivery day, Finn's Nana and Papa actually had a local baby store's number set on speed dial to order one of two rockers (pink or blue) once the baby was born! (Spoiler alert - they ordered the blue!)

After we brought Finn home, I purchased this blue Michelle Armas print for above his crib - we ended up hanging it between the crib and chair because there were already brackets on the wall there (we also skipped painting the room). I bought one more blue themed print from Blakey Made for above the bookcase and then hung an original watercolor we had from a local artist above the changing table next to this mirror. The watercolor is actually a painting of downtown Huntsville which I think is such a sweet nod to Finn's birthplace (Parker similarly has an original painting of a saguaro cactus in his room to represent Scottsdale where he was born).

The rug is a super, super plush Calvin Klein one scored super discounted from Home Goods. I stalked our local Home Goods with my newborn for weeks knowing I wanted something super thick and cushy for the nursery floor - and when I finally found it, I insisted that Max pick it up directly from work that very single day less we lose out on it (he Herculesed the entire thing into the house all on his own but said he only had one shot to do it and it would stay wherever it landed, haha!). 

We kept all of Parker's old books and toys, and it's been so sweet giving them new life in Finn's room.    Little Owl's NightGoodnight MoonPeek-A Who?and Little Blue Truck are current board book favorites. 

Sweet baby Finn enjoying his nursery! 

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  1. It's so sweet! I especially love the ROYGBIV books! I have mine arranged like that in my office and I'll never go back!


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