Friday Five

First, thank y'all so much for the many responses to my post on infertility earlier this week. This comment especially touched upon my whole reason for doing the post:

And seriously, I heard from so many of y'all who are currently struggling with infertility (as far away as France) so hugs to all of you. Also, new ideas from Paris for combating the infertility blues: champagne, foie gras, and Thai massages 💃

Look what city made the top ten list of best places to live in America?!? The above image is from a Denver news station so it's highlighting Colorado, but click here for the entire list. The rankings were done by U.S. News & World report, and reflect job opportunity, desirability, cost of living, quality of life, crime rates, education and more. Other cities we used to call home that made the top 25: Phoenix (19), Dallas (18), San Jose (17), and Washington D.C (8). Go, Huntsville!

This cutie and I have been having lots of one-on-one time since Dada was in India last week, and in Las Vegas this week. 


Chocolates from India - Max knows the way to my heart!

Not at all what I thought they were going to look like, but so yummy!

There is lots of coffee involved when I'm momming it solo.

And this is what I do at night! 

I love these paper masks - they are inexpensive and easy, and feel like such a treat!

Last week, Parker was welcomed to his new school (come fall) with a Wizard of Oz pancake dinner (and we'll watch the upper school's production of The Wizard of Oz this weekend!). They had special tables marked for his class - Class of 2031!

We were greeted upon arrival by all the characters, then headed down the yellow brick road into the cafeteria. Parker was stoked about the prospect of pancakes for dinner, especially since they had an option for chocolate chip ones. 

Our rising kindergartener!

Yesterday was my fourth year in a row going to the Huntsville Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale! That also means this is our fourth April here - and just look at me being all Southern with my "hi y'all" sweatshirt 😉

If you're local, the plant sale goes today through Sunday (yesterday was the members-only day). Hopefully we'll get everything planted this weekend - summer gardens are one of my very favorite things! Who else is gardening this weekend?


  1. Love seeing what you and your son are up to! Such a cutie!

    1. Awwww, thank you!! We love being outside this time of year!

  2. I still need to check out your previous post so I am headed there now. I love all of the time you and Parker got to spend together. His welcome dinner looks so amazing! I hope you have a good weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  3. I am bound and determined to get some herbs planted this spring! I really want to work on it soon! And I love your Hi, y'all top! That is the cutest and you know that's my favorite word!

    1. Fresh herbs from the garden are my favorite! 😍🌱

  4. This was such a brilliant favourites post! I love your morning coffee and face pack pictures! Huntsville does look lovely - no wonder it was top ranked! I am praying for you for positive news in the near future on the baby front. So many people I know have said 'when they stop trying it happens' but I know that is easier said than done! I haven't read your post below yet so forgive me but I have heard Maca powder is excellent to promote fertility, as well as all the usual green leafy veg etc. Not sure how far you've gone down the food and herbs line, it is a complete minefield! All the BEST, Joanne xxx BIG HUGS!!!

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