Bumpdate | 8 Months

Baby is the size of a: pineapple!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +27 pounds (like carrying around three bowling balls all day every day... and it feels like it!) 

Maternity Clothes: Loving warmer days and dresses!

Cravings: Acai Bowls, air popped popcorn with butter and truffle salt, the Sweet Bowl Alabama rice and salad bowl from Chop Chop Fresh, maple donuts, mandarins

Aversions: None that I can think of! 

Symptoms: It was like a switch turned on this month, and all of a sudden, everything hurts! I had heard of pregnancy "sciatica" before but never really knew what it was... bless my heart because I now know it feels like knives on the nerves that the baby is pushing on (for me right around my bum, lovely). Add in just general backache and inability to get on any sort of comfortable position... not that I want to complain (especially since infertility makes me so much more grateful for this baby!), I more just want to remember every little thing about this pregnancy because it's most likely my last! I'm keeping up with Pure Barre and stretching to help alleviate the pain. 

What I Miss: Being comfortable, sleeping on my stomach

What I'm Looking Forward To: We get to see baby via ultrasound one more time in just a couple weeks! 

Boy or Girl: I'm all over the board - in one night alone, I had a girl baby dream, a boy baby dream, and a boy/girl twin dream... needless to say, I'm rendering my dream accuracy officially invalid. 

Labor Signs: Max and I took a short natural childbirth refresher class at the hospital - it seems like so long ago since I went through L&D with Parker. The Braxton Hicks have kicked up a notch and I've started getting very random, sporadic "real" contractions too (this started around 36 weeks last time so I'm just a bit ahead of schedule comparatively). 

Best Moments: Parker attended a sibling class and it was so sweet to see him diapering his stuffed bunny and giving it a bottle - I just can't wait to see him as a big brother! 


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