Grand Cayman 2019 | Part Two

The above photo is one of my favorites from this trip and perfectly captures the vibes of this vacation - slow, relaxing and beautiful, with Max wearing Finn in the Baby Bjorn, and Parker two seconds away from running out onto the beach to frolic in the waves. 

Finn Edward | Six Months

Finn has been halfway around the sun! He is wearing size 9-12 month clothing and size three diapers. This was a BIG month as he went on his first airplane ride, earned his first passport stamp, saw the ocean for the first time, started eating solids, and moved to sleeping full-time in his nursery (no more bassinet by Mama and Dada's bed - he pretty much outgrew it!). He's still waking up at least once a night to nurse, but his nursery is right next to our bedroom which is nice.
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