A (Yummy) Taste of the Islands

While in Cayman, Max and I picked up a pack of their famous rum cakes : ) I stuck them in our pantry (which has become our black hole) when we returned home and just remembered them. I swear I shouldn't be allowed to have a pantry - things go in and they never come out (or, they do when I clean the pantry out, but by then I have to throw away the food in question because it's expired/dried out/scary looking... any tips on keeping a good pantry??). Anyway, back to the rum cakes. We heard lots about them while on Grand Cayman so we had made a special trip to one of the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory stores and selected a sampler pack which included Chocolate and Key Lime:

We started with the Original Golden:

Which pairs well with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream (as everything does):

One down, five to go ; )


  1. oh yum. we've been to barbados a few times and they have that there! the chocolate is so good!

  2. I got those when I was in Grand Cayman too! SOO yummy! :)


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