Friday Mish Mash : )

*I've been sneaking into the classroom here and there and finally finished my classroom library!

*I've also jumped on the fabric train and have stopped using paper for bulletin boards. Fabric opened up a whole new world!! Here's the beginning of my welcome board - I'm thinking a big palm tree with the kids' names on coconuts and the title Wild About First Grade. Whadda ya think??

*I ordered Behind the Wheel: Italian 1 on Amazon and it arrived last night! Yes, I will be that odd person in the car conjugating verbs out loud : D I thought Italian would be helpful if Max and I ever make it to Italy...

*The hubby's birthday is coming up next week and I'm making red velvet cake (his request). Since I've never made it from scratch before, I'm wondering if I should also pick up a boxed mix, just in case? The recipe I plan to follow is from Paula Dean so at least we know it will be low calorie ; )

(image from Paula's Website here)

Happy Friday!


  1. I love your classroom theme! I'm thinking about heading up to my school in the morning to do the same thing!


  2. Cute classroom ideas (and bravo on the fabric - reusable no??) Let me know how the Italian goes!! (I would love to learn another language...daunting but so cool)


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