What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving these yummy cocktails that Max and I enjoyed over the holiday weekend. Recipe: equal parts St. Germain, champagne and club soda. Easy and summer fabulous.

I'm loving that my MIL is the one who introduced us to St. Germain. It's an elderflower liqueur with hints of grapefruit. Max helped me snap this photo of the bottle (remote flash, professional backdrop, the works!). This also reminds me that I'm loving that my hubby is patiently teaching me a little every day about digital SLR photography.

I'm loving seeing my fun teaching coworkers over the summer!

I'm loving all the house projects Max and I are currently undertaking! Our formal rooms look something like this right now:

Finally, more than anything, I'm loving my sweet, caring, wonderful, talented, AMAZING husband. He's my world!

What are you loving this sunny Wednesday??


  1. That drink sounds delish! I'll have to try it sometime. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I am loving everything about your post! ;)

    Glad you are enjoying St Germain....it IS nectar, isn't it?!
    Love you! MIL

  3. Yes! I am loving your sweet blog :) (I know, it's not Wednesday anymore :)... I'm also loving that we are still on the same page...I just tried St.Germain Sangria the other day. It is soooooooo fabulous! I will have to try your cocktails too :)


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