Summer In Scottsdale

I love that we're now at the age where college friends have turned into longtime (10+ years) friends : ) This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting my dear college friends Brent and Abby.

Me with Abby at their wedding in 2008:

Max with Brent at our wedding in 2009:

Max and I were super thrilled of course that Brent and Abby decided to brave the heat and head out to Arizona in the (eeek!) summer. I was a little worried as Brent had informed me earlier in the week that it was literally twice as hot in Scottsdale as it was in San Francisco where they would be coming from.

That of course just meant lots of pool time.
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Which turned into playing with heavy things underwater.

And who doesn't love underwater photo shoots?

Getting us all into one shot was a bit tricky:

That self timer is hard to predict!

We finally caught one with all four of us!

Thanks so much to our favorite San Franciscans for coming out!!


  1. Ok. That does it. Y'all are definitely c-r-a-z-y !

  2. heehee! I missed this over the summer. What a fun, fun weekend! Love your house and you two, so glad we were able to spend some quality time together. xoxoxox


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