Last to Know/We're Just a Little Slow

Apparently there was an enormous, Armageddon-like dust storm in Phoenix on Tuesday night. I say apparently because Max and I completely missed it. Max had already come home from work, and we were spending the evening looking at pictures and eating dinner (and we may or may not have also watched some bad reality television). Anyway, yesterday I received emails from friends and family members asking if we were okay, given the huge dust storm they had seen in the news. Dust storm? Come to think of it, we did hear lots of wind that night. Lots of wind. And the hubs did comment that everything seemed to be brown when he went to take out the recycling before bed. But we had no idea that this is what was brewing all around us:

(photo via fox news)

Watching the news covering the dust storm, it looks like we got off pretty easy. They featured lots of pools that had think layers of mud form from all the dust - ick! Our pool actually looks pretty good - the filter needs to be cleaned after the whole ordeal, but lucky for us our new pool guy starts tomorrow!

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