Seeing Spots

Years and years ago I purchased one of those unfinished wooden chair stools from Michaels. I painted it white and added cute roses for good measure. The chair stool followed me from Santa Barbara to San Jose where it lived in my fourth grade classroom for four years (it loved it there). The chair stool has been hanging around the house since we moved to Arizona, helping me with projects like painting the bathrooms (see below).

I decided, however, it was time for it to head back to the classroom and to meet some first graders this upcoming year. Here it is so sad looking mid-sanding:

And here it is after I added... leopard spots! I thought my upcoming firsties would get a kick out of them (them seem to love the animal prints):

I had no idea what I was doing painting "leopard" but luckily six year olds are easy to please : )

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