Happy 4th of July!

This was our second 4th of July living in our house here in Scottsdale. We discovered last year that, from our upstairs balcony, we could catch several fireworks shows at the same time. So this year, we ventured up there around twilight for an alfresco dinner and counted at least seven shows that we could spot (it helps that our house is at a higher elevation than most of Phoenix and Scottsdale). Two of the shows were close enough to hear, but since light travels faster than sound, we'd see the fireworks, then sometime later we would finally hear the booms. Later in the night, we got our second display of light:

It was the second monsoon of the season (the first being last night), complete with heavy rain and tons of lightning. Thanks to my hubby for braving the storm for such an awesome photo : )


  1. Wow! Amazing pic! We had a HUGE storm too...but our fireworks got cancelled :( Hope you had a great 4th!

  2. stunning picture. i've heard it's so beautiful in your neck of the woods!


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